The Rollercoaster of Change

The Natural Cycles of Life and Change

Systems Thinking is finding patterns and relationships, and learning to reinforce or change these patterns to fulfill your vision and mission.




Major Questions

  1. Not if, but when to go through shock?
  2. How deep is the trough?
  3. How long will it take?
  4. Will we get up the right side and rebuild?
  5. At what level will we rebuild?
  6. How many different rollercoasters will we experience?
  7. Are there other changes occurring?
  8. Will we hang-in and persevere?
  9. How to deal with normal resistance?
  10. How to create a critical mass for change?

Major Uses

  1. Personal transitions
  2. Employee self-management
  3. Stages of learning–all types
  4. Interpersonal relationships
  5. Coaching sequence
  6. Dialogue and discovery
  7. Conflict management
  8. Situational leadership tasks
  9. Teams, groups, meetings
  10. Strategic Planning
  11. Core Strategies (cutting/building)
  12. Overall Change Management