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    SMP-smFacilitator, Coach, Trainer, Systems Thinker, Author”


    Valerie MacLeod helps everyone “pull in the same direction.” She runs the Haines Centre’s Calgary, Alberta, office as our Global Partner and Planning Co-Practice Leader. Valerie works to focus the energy and commitment of many people on the same goal. She assists in harnessing the unique talents and skills of team members in a shared direction.


    With over twenty-five years as a facilitator, trainer and coach, Valerie helps her clients achieve financial and operational targets, plan for the future, deal with change and fine-tune their leadership. She is skilled and insightful with extensive expertise in planning, people, leadership and change. The tools she marshals for her clients include: strategic planning and implementation, change management, team-building, motivation, strategy alignment, performance management, and visioning. She works with boards, CEOs, executives, managers, and teams to clarify and achieve vision, values, and strategies. Valerie has an M.B.A. in Human Resources from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo. Valerie has published a life-planning book, co-authored a business-planning book and is working on her third book on working across cultures.


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