Certified Affiliates
An Integrated Line of Business of The Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Certified Affiliates


We are proud of our Certified Affiliates.


Certified Affiliates have demonstrated mastery of the concepts of The Systems Thinking Approach© as applied to Strategic and Systems Thinking, Strategic Planning, or Strategy Implementation (Executing Your Strategic Plan).


Our Certified Affiliates are:Business man with business card



  • Kris Flynn – La Mesa, CA, USA
  • Alan Landers – Chula Vista, CA, USA
  • Jeri Denniston – Dewey, AZ, USA
  • Eric Denniston – Dewey, AZ, USA
  • Terry Schmidt – Seattle, WA, USA
  • Sue Radwan – Grand Ledge, MI, USA
  • Leslie Stein – San Diego, CA, USA


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