Our Competitive Edge

Our Competitive Edge

Why are we different from other Strategic Management Consulting Firms? No other strategic management, planning, or change consultant or consulting firm uses Systems Thinking as their approach to Strategic Management; by Strategic Management, we mean the areas of Strategic Planning and Implementation, People and Leadership, Innovation and Cultural Change that ensures the long-term sustainable success of the organization.

The Unique Benefits of The Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic Management:

  • It provides THE ONLY “Universal and Integrated Organizing Framework and Language” for leading planning and change in an integrated, holistic fashion.
  • It is a simple, step-by-step (ABCDE) framework that anyone can pick up in 15 minutes or less. It changes one’s orientation to life, work and strategic management.
  • It’s a holistic view of the organization as a system, comprised of multiple parts, people and subsystems, based in part on the Baldridge Systems Criteria for Performance Excellence.
  • It focuses on the relationships between departments and divisions and helps identify strategies that cut across all divisions and departments for unified planning and change.
  • It’s a better way of thinking and planning – backwards thinking that begins with the end (future vision) in mind, and working backwards on how to get there from today. After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know which road to take?
  • It is also based on completing a full Future Environmental Scan at the beginning of the process, using our proprietary SKEPTIC Technology and Framework.
  • The approach includes is a Yearly Strategic Management System and Cycle that guides your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activities.
  • We train you to cascade the process down to the lowest levels in your organization because we know that people support what they help create. This process ties into all human resource functions.
  • We are experts in Knowledge Transfer and always include developing an organization and certifying its internal strategic management cadre through this process.

Our Extensive and Ongoing Research Includes:

We have done extensive research in both Systems Thinking and Strategic Management:
Systems Thinking:

  • The Systems Thinking Approach® is based on 50 years of scientific research led by four Nobel Prize winners from the Society for General Systems Research (GST), now known as The International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS).
  • We maintain a World-Wide Portal with a continuous perspective on how 150+ firms are applying Systems Thinking in some form or other.
  • We have studied the world’s best thinkers in various areas of systems thinking, comparing their research and concepts with ours.

Strategic Management, Planning and Change:

  • We have researched over 27 Strategic Planning and Organizational Change experts and their processes vs. our Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic Management
  • Lastly, we have researched over 29 experts and their publications on the area of Leadership Development Systems in order to see how leadership in Strategic Management is viewed. Not one had a Systems Thinking Approach®.