International Strategic Planning Consultants
  • Asia-Pacific / Middle-East

    Stephen Lin, MOL, SMP Regional Managing Partner (Asia)

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      Stephen Lin
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      +65-89168610 (WhatsApp)
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    Strategic Management Consultant, CSO Coach and International SpeakerStrategic Management Professional Logo

    Stephen Lin is a top Strategic Management Consultant in the Asia-Pacific.  He is the Centre’s Regional Managing Partner in Asia since 2002. He is the Centre’s international master consultant, trainer and coach.  Stephen worked closely with our late Founder Steve Haines in the development of the Centre’s work. He also co-authored with Steve the book “Enhancing Your Strategic IQ”.


    Stephen works with companies in the Asia Pacific to ensure business sustainability and high performance over the long term .  He develops their strategic management capabilities through consulting, training and executive coaching. He is sought after to facilitate C-Level retreats and strategic conversations.


    Stephen is a coach to Chief Strategy Officers and their teams. He helps them to excel as internal facilitators of strategic management.  He takes them through a unique development program, customized to their specific needs. It helps them to short-cut their learning curve. The result is a CSO team that functions optimally.  They become indispensable to their CEO and Board in the delivery of the future of the company.  In so doing, their executive presence and value is increased.


    Stephen has over 32 years of senior management experience. He has worked in both private and public organizations. He has been a sought-after external Strategic Management Consultant for the last 18 years.  He has worked face-to-face with senior executives in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China, Fiji, Kuwait, Dubai UAE, Australia and USA.  Stephen has has also personally trained over 2,200 senior executives from 37 different countries.


    Besides in-company training, consulting and coaching, Stephen has led public seminars and certification programs internationally. He has conducted Strategic Management Master Classes and Certification programs internationally “live” and on-line.


    Stephen now mainly coaches Chief Strategy Officers and their teams to excel in their roles.


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  • Oceania
    Australia & New Zealand

    Lewis Atkinson Global Partner

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      Dr. Lewis Atkinson
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      Haines Centre for Strategic Management – Australia
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    Dr. Lewis Atkinson is a unique innovation and design thinking professional and international Strategic Management facilitator and consultant based in Brisbane, Australia. He has 30 years’ experience in knowledge production & transfer through both commercial and public-good innovation pathways to market.


    After starting his boundary spanning career in FMCG operations, planning and research with Unifoods Australia, in 1993 he became Research and Information Services Manager for Australian Meat Technology Pty Ltd, a CSIRO technology start-up and management consulting company.


    In 1998 he was part of a team that started a new industry owned innovation and marketing services company called Meat and Livestock Australia Ltd, where he has held several senior executive positions over the past 16 years, before becoming a Global Partner in the Haines Centre for Strategic Management LLC.


    He is a high calibre process innovation and design thinking professional and has been a core member of many high performance teams. He has solid technical and financial grounding which, combined with his strong creative side, enable him to see patterns, pathways, and solutions that others often miss.


    As an external consultant, Lewis is in strong demand by organizations seeking to grow, especially in the research and commercialization areas. Lewis has strong skills in facilitating adult learning and development, and works with client organizations around Australia facilitating and consulting in Strategic Planning & Management, Innovation, Cross-boundary Collaboration and Research Leadership Development.


    Lewis is a warm and generous person with lots of insights and wisdom to share with you through his own learning site;


    See Lewis’s linkedIn profile for full resume, personality profiles and detailed professional biography


    Please also see a list of testimonials and case studies profiling his client’s successes in the not-for-proft sector here


    Working with community-based organisations in Brisbane & Melbourne: Wheelers Hill Bowls Club, Southern Magpies Rugby Leagues Club, University of Queensland AFL Club, Manly Bowls Club, Holland Park Sports & Community Club, Sunnybank Theatre Group, and St Albans Sports Club

    Working with NPO clients including; 139 Club Inc, Montrose Access, Australasian Kidney Trials Network Brisbane Diamantina Health Partners, The Burnet Institute, Livestock Biosecurity Network Ltd, National Road Transport Authority Ltd, QCOSS, Mater Foundation Ltd, Micah Projects Inc and QMUSIC.

    Recent government clients include; Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works, WA Government Housing Authority, The WA Corruption & Crime Commission, Queensland Commissioner for Mental Health,  innovation and ideation sessions on behalf of Queensland Government Advance Queensland – Innovate Queensland Program, Industry Challenge sessions for Regional Development Australia & Department of Environment & Heritage, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture & Food Innovation, and Department of Food and Agriculture WA.


    Brief CV – Atkinson, L-CV-201801


  • Greater China Region

    Sophia Yeh Strategic Alliance Partner

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    Sophia Yeh: CEO of Whole Brain Leadership Consulting (Shanghai) Inc.


    Sophia Yeh of Shanghai, China, is one of the Haines Centre’s Strategic Alliance Partners and Certified Affiliates. Sophia has over 21 years professional and pioneering experience in 5 different industries before starting her own business. Her specialties include Finance, Human Resources, Strategic Management, Public Relations, Information Technology, Legal and Administration. She published a popular book ìCharisma of a Leader ìin 1999.


    In 1991, Sophia established her own management consulting company Whole Brain Leadership Consulting and then acquired the rights from the Franklin Covey Organization, marketing their programs and products in Taiwan and China as the first Chinese Master Trainer to introduce The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People into the China market. Whole Brain Leadership Consulting has grown to over 30 consultants and trainers and positioned themselves as the Strategic Partner of Sustainable Chinese Companies, focus on providing Tailor-made & Systematic Leadership Management Training Programs, helping clients develop and cascade Corporate Culture, dealing with Changes from Strategic Planning and Strategic Management Systems