Strategic Management Certification Program
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Strategic Management Gold Mastery Certifications and Master-Classes

sls-gold-mastery-certificationAbout Gold Mastery Certifications

The Haines Centre has provided the Strategic Management Gold Mastery Certifications Series for over ten years.  These are the Gold Mastery Certifications in the Systems Thinking ApproachTM to the 3 Core Practice Areas of


  • Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy Implementation (Executing Your Strategic Plan)


Each Gold Mastery Certification consists of 3 Phases:


Phase 1: Learning Phase, where candidates attend a basic workshop on the particular specialization.  Check our workshop schedule for the basic workshops.


Phase 2:  Master-Class, where candidates attend a week-long immersion and boot camp, to demonstrate their mastery of the topic and acquire more in-depth knowledge and competency.  Our schedule of Master-Classes are listed below.


Phase 3:  Practikum, where candidates demonstrate their ability to apply the concepts, frameworks, models and tools to real life in their own, or clients’, organizations.  Internships are designed on a case-by-case basis between the candidate and our Master Facilitators, to suit the specific needs of the candidate.


All Certification Programs, including the Learning Workshops, Master-Classes and Internship, are led by our Master Facilitators in each area.   They bring with them not only mastery but also tacit knowledge and practical ability, honed through track records of work in organizations and with clients over many years.


Master-Class Immersion Boot Camp in

Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Management

Facilitating Effective Strategic Planning

Master-Class Immersion Boot Camp in

Strategic and Systems Thinking

The Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic Thinking

Master-Class Immersion Boot Camp in

Strategy Implementation

The Systems Thinking Approach® to Executing Your Strategic Plan and Initiatives