Strategic Alliances

Our Strategic Alliances


china s-yeh-s
Sophia Yeh
Shanghai, China – Strategic Alliance


University of San Diego
Corporate and Professional Education
asp whetstone
Association for Strategic Planning (ASP)
ASP San Diego Chapter
The Association for Strategic Planning is a California-based not-for-profit professional association focused on strategic planning and strategic management. ASP believes strategic planning, now more than ever, is critical to business survival and growth, and that business strategies need to be changed to deal with the relentlessly changing business environment. ASP furnishes the tools and processes for this change.
Whetstone Group
Whetstone Group teaches counterintuitive methods to create outstanding sales performers. We teach salespeople, consultants, and professionals to leverage their time and energy, turning prospects into clients by taking subtle control of the sales situation. Take the National Sales Challenge, a complimentary, web-based sales skills assessment, and sign up for their free weekly newsletter, The Monday Morning Salescoach.
thegamegroup crg-logo
The Game Group 
Transform your vital, but dry, heavy-as-lead lessons into gold-en learning moments by turning the participant into a player and translating your topic into exciting game episodes. The Game Group works with large and small organizations to develop customized activities and learning games. After the activity or game is developed, we help the client implement the game throughout the organization through on-site demonstrations and train-the-trainer workshops.
CRG Consulting Resource Group International, Inc
Ken Keis, MBA, CPC: President & CEO
of CRG, is an internationally known author, speaker, and consultant. For over 30 years CRG have had the privilege of successfully transforming individuals, families, teams, and organizations all around the globe in 8 languages.
CRG provides you and/or your clients a holistic, balanced approach that has provided many organizations with flexible training solutions and programs designed to increase staff performance, improve or change workplace culture, and achieve the key initiatives of teams and organizations.