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State-of-the Art Best Practices Webinars

Strategic and Systems Thinking

Learn the four main Strategic Thinking concepts and 12 applications that are universally applied to business and management of all types and cultures.

Reinventing Strategic Planning

Discover the top 12 common mistakes that almost all organizations make in Strategic Planning and the 12 Best Practices to counteract these problems.


Leading Strategic and Cultural Change

Significantly enhance your knowledge and success in Leading Strategic and Cultural Change rather than falling into the traps that almost all organizations do.


Future Environmental Scanning

Explore the Best Practices and the new industry standard SKEPTIC Framework. Plus learn about the 21st century content rich Future Scan for today’s complete rebalancing of the global economic order.


Additional Webinars

Additional Webinars

On-Demand Series

Group Facilitation Skills

Featuring Pearls of Wisdom: Best Practices from Stephen Haines 30 year career. Key topics include The Systems Thinking Approach® to problem solving, decision making, conflict and closure.

Becoming a Trusted Advisor and Professional Change Agent

Master the roles, content, process, and structure of being a Trusted Business Advisor on strategic change. Then learn how to create a Change Game Plan.

Becoming a Strategic and Systems Thinker

Research-based Systems Thinking concepts, tools, and applications for use on a daily basis. This was done in strategic alliance with IMC (Institute for Management Consultants).

Free Webinars

New Live Webinars

Bite-Size e-Learning Tools: 20-30 minute webinars on the 65+ Systems Thinking Applications from the Training Modules Toolbox.