Haines Centre Boards of Examiners
An Integrated Line of Business of The Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Haines Centre Boards of Examiners

sls-boe-logo-smallThe Haines Centre for Strategic Management Boards of Examiners are the only Master Consultants and Trainers authorized to lead he Gold Mastery Certifications, Master-Classes and their associated pre-requisite learning workshops.


Purpose of each Board

The Purpose of each Board is to be overall responsible for the design, development, delivery and quality control of that Board Topic. It includes responsibilities ranging from Public and In-House Workshops to the Gold Mastery Certification in order to preserve these topics as our Competitive Business Advantages.


Members of Examination Boards all meet the stringent criteria:

  1. They are true Master Consultants and Trainers
  2. With over 20 years in the business
  3. With degrees in the field
  4. Have at least five years in the Centre using the Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic Management and Costs/Simplicity
  5. Are successful practitioners with CEO clients on Strategic Management and Costs/Simplicity
  6. Have clients in more than one country.


Selection Process:

The current Board Members for each Examination Board must all approve before any new members are admitted to the respective Board. Selection is based on the prospective board member’s demonstrated performance in being a highly skilled faculty member of the Gold Mastery Certifications and their related Master-Classes and pre-requisite workshops. Only then can they be considered for selection to the appropriate Examination Board.

There are presently a number of Boards of Examiners in which members are qualified and Certified to conduct our Gold Mastery Certifications and Master-Classes.



Board of Examiners for Strategic Management

  • Barbara Collins, SMP: Washington, DC
  • Valerie MacLeod, SMP: Calgary, Canada
  • Stephen Lin, SMP: Singapore
  • Sheridan Barker, SMP: San Diego, USA

Board of Examiners for Strategic and Systems Thinking

  • Barbara Collins: Washington, DC
  • Stephen Lin: Singapore
  • Valerie MacLeod: Calgary, Canada
  • Sheridan Barker: San Diego, USA

Board of Examiners for Executing Your Strategic Plan

  • Stephen Lin: Singapore
  • Sheridan Barker: San Diego, USA