Our Four Brand Pillars

Our Four Brand Pillars

Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Our “brand identity” – how we are perceived by various groups such as current clients, prospective clients and the public – is built on our four brand pillars. Each of these brand pillars is like a “sound bite” that embodies a particular component of the Centre, and expresses its essence. Our brand pillars also correspond to key messages, based on our key concepts, that provide foundational information about the Centre’s character, mission and vision.

Incorporating these key messages in your presentations builds awareness in your audiences, and individual identification with the key concepts and approaches of the Centre. Using these essential positioning ideas in your communications leads to a better understanding of the many related points encountered along the way.

Brand Pillar Key Message(s)
Strategic and Systems Thinking Approach®
The foundation of our practice is the Systems Thinking Approach®. It is based on the broader discipline of General Systems Theory, which views (and studies) the world as being comprised of many interrelated, integrated functioning parts or processes that are symbiotically connected to each other in ways that make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. We reduce this discipline to the expression, “the Systems Thinking Approach embodies “The Natural Way the World Works.” The Systems Thinking Approach is based on more than 50 years of scientific research into organizational functioning on a systems level. As a teaching organization, and as organizational consultants, the Haines Centre applies the Systems Thinking Approach to effecting change strategically, so that the end result is an organization that functions as does nature.
Facilitating Strategic Management is our only business. The Centre conducts a Yearly Strategic Management System and Cycle Review. This review covers Planning, People, Leadership, and Change, to accomplish the Delivery of Customer Value through our Three Strategic Management Goals.
Creating Customer Value
Our practice accomplishes a transfer of knowledge and skills that becomes a key part of your organization’s marketing and positioning, and results in sustained, excellent outcomes for our clients.
Delivering sustained Customer Value (by being Customer-Focused) is our #1 desired outcome.
It’s been rightly said that, “people support what they help create.” The Centre’s Parallel Involvement Process with all key stakeholders, ensures that the “right people are in the right seat on the bus” (Jim Collins).
Planning and Change are the PRIMARY responsibilities of leaders. This responsibility includes ourThree Premises.
Complete Integration
Our customized Cascade of Planning and Change affects the whole organization.
Strategic Consistency and Operational Flexibility
Our seamless integration of all interventions is based on our interpretation and translation of Best Practices Research.

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