Strategic Management System Development
Strategic Management System
Development Program
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    First, we will transfer our Best Practice knowledge of Strategic and Systems Thinking to your entire organization.
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    Next, let’s Reinvent Strategic Planning into Strategic Management for the 21st Century.
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    Then, we will Execute Plans and Transformational Change.
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    Then, we will Execute Plans and Transformational Change.


Strategic Management System Development Overview:

A 3-Year Program to Build Internal Capacity for Strategic Management and Achieve Superior Results

The Strategic Management System Development Program includes Best Practice offerings from the Haines Centre’s 3 integrated Lines of Business (above). This Program is a unique 8-Stage process of building and sustaining a Strategic Management System for your organization. If you want a customized, holistic and sustainable approach to improving your organization — this is it!
We will give you the knowledge, tools, and techniques to utilize the Systems Thinking Approach® — the most efficient and effective way to achieve business excellence and superior financial results with simplicity, clarity, and speed.

Who is it for?

The Strategic Management System Development Program is for organizations of all types — private, public, and non-profit. The Package is tailored to your needs, including organization location, size, and industry sector.

The Value You Get:

  • Excellence in Business Operations
  • Superior Financial Results
  • Maximum Customer Value
  • Sustained Societal Value
  • Priceless ROI

Funding: Potentially Zero Cost

  • The Strategic Management System Development Program costs are tailored to your needs.
  • We can help you free up significant funds for this Program, through savings you could derive from from a cost- and waste-cutting initiative which we will facilitate for you, based on systems thinking principles and innovation techniques.  This initiative could potentially yield tangible cost savings in excess of what it would take to fully fund the Strategic Management System Development Program.
A Priceless ROI!

Year I: Clarity/Simplicity of Direction
During Year I of the Strategic Management System Development Program, we will work together with you “on” your organization. The focus during this time is on Clarity of Direction and Simplicity of Strategy.  We will build a sustainable Strategic Plan and implement a yearly Strategic Management System and cycle.
Year II: Achieve Maximum Results
During Year II, we will start working “in” and “on” your organization. The main focus here is Maximum Results.  Achieve many objectives including creating a 3-Year Business Plan, a Performance and Rewards Management System, and Leadership Development System.
Year III: Institutionalize Value
The focus of Year III we will be on Value. This means objectives achieved during Year II will be institutionalized throughout your entire Organization. for maximum Customer Value and sustainable Superior Financial Results.

The Process and Overall Goal:

The overall goal of the Strategic Management System Development Program is to institutionalize a sustainable Yearly Strategic Management System of Strategic Thinking, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Implementation to align your people and leadership processes and Deliver Customer Value.

This packaged System enables everyone in your organization to:

  • Think with Simplicity by using a Systems Thinking Framework
  • Plan with Clarity by forming a Strategic Management Direction
  • Act with Speed and Implement Plans Strategically

The 8-Stage Process and Engagement in a 3-Year Program


Our Guarantees:

  • Nothing to Lose
  • No Further Obligations


Our Role: “Your Trusted Advisor and Partner”

ASP Registered Education ProviderThe Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) has Qualified the Haines Centre for Strategic Management as a founding ASP Registered Educational Provider (REP) for our courses and webinars.

partner2 We have Certified Strategic Management Professionals (SMPs) and Pioneers from the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP).


Strategic Learning ServicesWe will transfer our research-based, Best Practice knowledge to you and internal employees through our Strategic Learning Services and intensive Boards of Examiners.

partner3 We provide Certified University of San Diego courses and facilitators. Earn academic course numbers and credits (CEUs) upon course completion.