Best Practices Research

“We Are Interpreters and Translators of
Proven Best Practices Research”

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Proven Research
“Best Practices”
  • Review Original Proven Research

  • Perform Individual Studies/Research

  • Review Management Practices/Benchmarks

  • Study Organizational Practices/Benchmarks

  • Clarify

  • Simplify

  • Speed

  • Practical and Useful

  • Seamless

1-sm Strategic Thinking
1-sm Culture Change
2-sm Strategic Planning
3-sm Strategic Change
4-sm People Edge
5-sm Leadership Excellence
6-sm Customer Focused
7-sm Delivery
8-sm Customer Value
We Measure Quadruple
Bottom Line Results:
  1. Customers

  2. Employees

  3. Stockholders

  4. Society/Community

  5. Ultimately install a Strategic Management
    System and yearly cycle

50 Years of Scientific Research on the “Natural Way the World Works”


“The Search for the Unity of Science for Living Systems”
– Ludwig von Bertalanffy and The Society for General Systems Research


The Five Main Concepts of Strategic and Systems Thinking

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