ValuMax Package Process
An Integrated Line of Business of The Haines Centre for Strategic Management

aluMax Package — Process

The ValuMax Package contains an 8-Stage Process that spans a one to three year engagement. We will ensure that all the key components of your Strategic Management System are designed, developed, and institutionalized properly. The complete ValuMax Package provides maximum value and results — year after year.

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Stage I:

  • Smart Start: Waste Workshop
  • Smart Start: Strategic IQ™ Tailoring
  • Future Environmental Scan
  • Executive Briefing/Plan-to-Plan
  • Support Cadre Trained
  • Executive Readiness

Stage II:

  • Positioning-Vision-Mission
  • Core Values
  • Measurement
  • Enterprise Assessment
  • Customer-Focused
  • Competitive Strategies
    – Alignment
    – Attunement
  • Leadership Development System

Stage III:

  • Three-Year Business Plans (all units)
  • Annual Priorities and Plans-Budgets-Cascading
  • Personal Leadership Plans
  • Performance/Management System

Stage IV:

  • Change Game Plan
  • Executive Briefing
  • Plan-To-Implement
  • Organizatioin Design Review
  • Capacity Building
  • Simplicity Police
  • Culture Change Game Plan

Stage V:

  • Change Leadership Team
  • Strategic Management Office
  • Project Management Teams
  • Waves of Change
  • Continuous Improvement Teams

Stage VI:

  • Strategic IQ™ Audit
  • Annual Strategic Review
  • Capacity Building
  • Creating Customer Value

Year I: Strategy (Option One)

Let’s “Work On” your Organization

Objectives Initiated:

  1. Conduct our Blow Out Bureaucracy and Waste two-day workshop to completely fund the entire engagement
  2. Conduct a Strategic IQ™ in order to tailor the entire engagement to your needs, location, size, and industry sector using our Systems Thinking Approach®.
  3. Install a State-of-the-Art Strategic Management System for the 21st Century.
  4. It includes development and execution of a Reinvented Strategic Plan for sustainability.Includes:
    • Becoming Strategic Thinkers on a daily basis.
    • Developing a tailored Strategic Plan and tailored Unit Business Plans through a Strategic IQ™ Audit.
    • Building a Culture Change Game Plan for High Performance.
    • Developing watertight integrity of your entire organization to your positioning through a holistic organization design/re-design.
    • Beginning a knowledge transfer to Management, staff, and organization.
    • Building a Leadership Development System.
    • Becoming a Customer-Focused Organization.
    • Aligning Distribution and Delivery of your supply chain.
    • Tracking and reporting Key Success Measures.
    • Becoming strategically aligned to your desired customer positioning (vs. functional silos).
    • Funding of the entire engagement at zero cost to you – a priceless ROI through our self-funding Blow Out Bureaucracy and Waste workshop.


Stage VII:

  • Business Excellence Execution and Cultural Change

Year II: Results (Option Two)

Let’s “Work In” and “Work On” your Organization

Objectives Achieved:

  1. Three-Year Business Plan for all business units and all major functional areas.
  2. Think-Plan-and Act strategically on a daily basis.
  3. A holistic re-design of your organization to achieve clarity, simplicity and speed: watertight integrity.
  4. Performance and Rewards Management System aligned.
  5. Corporate-wide Goals and Key Success Measures driven down to all.
  6. Leadership Development System implemented.
  7. Marketplace Positioning enhanced.
  8. Cultural Change Program implemented.
  9. Conduct Annual Strategic Review.
  10. Strategic Management “Knowledge Transfer” skills conducted.


Year III: Sustained Customer Value (Option Three)

Let’s “Work In” and “Work On” your Organization

Objectives Institutionalized:

  1. Three-Year Business Plans focused.
  2. Think-Plan-and Act strategically on a daily basis—organization-wide.
  3. Incentive Programs aligned.
  4. Corporate-wide Goals and Key Success Measures aligned.
  5. Comprehensive Leadership Development System exists.
  6. Marketplace Positioning enhanced.
  7. Success of the Cultural Change Program deepened.
  8. Annual Strategic Review a routine.
  9. “Knowledge Transfer” of Strategic Management skills and competencies completed.
  10. Watertight integrity organization wide to your desired positioning.

Three Options to Choose From:

  1. Year I: Complete All Objectives
  2. Year II: Complete All Objectives
  3. Year III: Full Three-Year ValuMax Package

Stage VIII:

  • Institutionalize Changes and maximum Customer and Financial Results