Validation of Best Practices

Validation of Best Practices

The Haines Centre for Strategic Management® and its State-of-the-Art Best Practices are accredited by three separate entities — The Association for Strategic Planning, the University of San Diego, and its own Strategic Learning Services Examination Boards. They ensure the highest level of quality and standards of our concepts, materials, knowledge, and instructors.

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Association for Strategic Planning The Haines Centre is accredited by the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) as a founding, Qualified, Registered Educational Provider (REP). As a Qualified REP we provide high quality courses, materials, and instructors on ASP’s, 21st Century, Body of Knowledge for the Strategic Planning field.All of our educational offerings prepare you for ASP’s examinations to acquire a Certification as a Strategic Planning Professional (SPP), a Strategic Management Professional (SMP) as well as a Designation as a Strategic Planning Associate (SPA).For More Information: University of San Diego Haines Centre consultants, trainers, facilitators, and training events are Certified by the University of San Diego Office of Corporate and Professional Education.As a result, upon successful completion of our training event requirements you will have earned a certificate for graduate-level extension (CEU) credits as well as academic course numbers.For More Information: Strategic Learning Services Strategic Learning Services has a series ofsix Examination Boards under the Joint Sponsorship of the University of San Diego, to ensure our World-class quality.The purpose of each Board is to have overall responsibility for the design, development, delivery and quality control of that Board’s Strategic Management topic.It includes responsibilities ranging from Public and In-House Workshops, Executive Briefings, Webinars, and Gold Mastery Certifications in order to ensure these Strategic Management topics continue to be our Competitive Business Advantage.Board Members are the only Master Consultants and Trainers authorized to Lead these Gold Mastery Certifications and their associated Public Workshops, Webinars, and Briefings.

Best Practice Research Reports

The Haines Centre for Strategic Management® currently has four published State-of-the-Art, Best Practice Research Reports on:

  1. Strategic and Systems Thinking
  2. Reinventing Strategic Planning
  3. Leading Strategic Change and Cultural Change
  4. Future Environmental Scanning

Each Report is based on Strategic IQ™ Audits conducted by the Centre, our interpretation and translation of Best Practice, scientific research, as well as our consulting practices around the world — in Over 25 countries.


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