Advanced Strategic Planning Programs
An Integrated Line of Business of The Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Level 6: Advanced Strategic Planning Programs

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Learn Fast… Work Smart… Get Results!

Workshop Purposes:

  • Strategic Thinking and Planning
  • “Delivering Exceptional Results in Real Time”

Purposes of Our System:
Raise your Strategic IQ as a Global Strategist to Deliver Customer Value

  1. Future Global Environmental Scan (Strategic Thinking at its finest)
  2. Yearly Strategic Management System/Cycle (Reinventing Strategic Planning for the 21st Century: Planning–People–Leadership–Change)
  3. Value-Added Proposition and Marketplace Positioning (Growing your business vs. the competition)
  4. Strategic Thinking on a daily basis (Building a customer-focused, strategically oriented enterprise)
  5. Lessons learned today–applied to your organization

Workshop Benefits:
This workshop is conducted using experiential adult learning methodologies. Participants will become better strategic thinkers and planners by:

  1. Gaining clarity on strategic thinking and planning and its benefits and application
  2. Acquiring the knowledge and skills to apply a disciplined systems approach to developing a strategic plan, and keeping it “alive” with strategic thinking on a daily basis
  3. Learning from real-life examples and case studies, and relating them to the local context
  4. Discussing your own real-life situations and sharing the knowledge and experience of the other participants and the facilitators
  5. Being exposed to global best practices and experience, and the common strategic issues of progressive organizations
  6. Immediately applying the skills you learn to your own case
  7. Understanding the strategic management system, and its context for good strategic thinking

Reinventing Strategic Planning™ for the 21st Century

The Systems Thinking Approach® to The ABCs of Strategic Management™For the 21st Century

Workshop Purposes:

  1. To understand the core technology of the Systems Thinking Approach® of Reinventing Strategic Management (Planning, People, Leadership, and Change), based on “best practices” research in the field of Strategic Management.
  2. To understand strategic management, its three goals and three main premiseswith their relationship to strategic planning and strategic change.
  3. To discuss the ten unique qualities of the “Strategic Management Model” and how it is different from other models… with a special emphasis on understanding how to apply the key concepts of backwards thinking, key success measures, parallel process, and a customer-driven organization to the strategic planning process.
  4. To understand and apply the ten steps of the Strategic Management Model, along with numerous examples of its application to actual organizations.
  5. To appreciate the value and importance of actively engaging your key stakeholders throughout the development of the plan.
  6. To discuss the various ways to uniquely tailor and apply strategic management to your organization, along with the various roles required to successfully complete a strategic planning process.
  7. To learn how to overcome the common mistakes that plague most strategic planning processes. Instead, learn how to use strategic management to link and drive day-to-day decision-making—focused on the customer—through annual planning and budgeting and through performance and reward systems.
  8. To experience and apply each step in the Strategic Management Model to your own back home organization and personal case situation—to enhance your learnings and provide a framework for action back home.

Workshop Benefits:
We help businesses and people get superior results in 12 ways:

  1. Higher profits
  2. Greater revenue
  3. Lower costs
  4. Enhance market share
  5. Drive competitive advantage
  6. Increase customer service and satisfaction
  7. Deliver better customer value
  8. Implement new product/service offerings
  9. Change the employee culture
  10. Execute a merger or acquisition
  11. Develop strategies, alliances, and partnerships
  12. Turn around an underperforming business

How Can We Help You Get Better Results?


Strategic Marketing and Sales Planning

Workshop Purposes:

  1. To gain a common set of principles and knowledge about the similarities and differences between marketing and sales functions, and how they are integrated with corporate strategy.
  2. To provide a structure of Systems Thinking to design, build, implement, and sustain a Strategic Marketing and Sales Plan.
  3. To provide the tactics, tips, and techniques to successfully implement this plan and keep it up to date year after year.
  4. To discover the benefits of, and identify your positioning in, the marketplace in order to focus your sales and marketing efforts.
  5. To review the 21st Century aspects of the 4 Ps, including e-commerce.
  6. To understand different approaches to marketing and sales success.
  7. To identify and examine all aspects of the major issues facing those of us in sales and marketing.
  8. To build and track the Key Success Measures that represent success in the marketplace.
  9. To implement a complete toolkit of powerful and practical sales and marketing strategies.
  10. To achieve marketing and sales success.

One-day offsite meeting:
Executive Briefing including Plan-to-Plan Session

A.M. Main Purpose: Educating and Assessing

  1. To gain a common set of principles and knowledge about strategic marketing and sales planning concepts.
  2. To identify the three goals of strategic marketing and sales planning; to recognize that planning is really one part of a three-part Strategic Management System (SMS) required to successfully implement the marketing and sales plan.
  3. To understand how to design, build, execute and sustain (i.e., create) a Strategic Marketing and Sales Plan using the proven, successful Systems Thinking Approach®.
  4. To assess and examine all aspects of the strategic issues facing your company in the marketplace, and the condition of your current organization-wide focus on marketing and sales.

P.M. Main Purpose: Organizing and Tailoring

  1. To conduct an actual Plan-to-Plan session in order to determine and outline the steps needed for tailoring a strategic marketing and sales plan for your organization.


  • Your core Marketing and Sales Planning Team (essential). The morning session can also include other key stakeholders.