Corporate Level Strategic Management Programs
An Integrated Line of Business of The Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Level 5: Corporate Level Strategic Management Programs

Leading Strategic and Cultural Change

“A Totally Integrated Systems Solution”

Overall Workshop Purposes:
To ensure successful execution of a Strategic Plan or for a desired Enterprise-Wide Change and Organizational Transformation.


Workshop Objectives
This workshop demonstrates how to:

  1. Successfully apply the concept of organizations as “living and natural systems” to the strategic management of your organization in leading the strategic and cultural change effort.
  2. Understand The Systems Thinking Approach® and model for Business Excellence and Superior Results-the ABCs of Strategic and Cultural Change.
  3. Achieve and sustain a unique marketplace positioning and or ideal future vision of Enterprise-Wide Change.
  4. Build frameworks for facilitating complex Enterprise-Wide Change.
  5. Conduct a holistic Enterprise-Wide diagnosis and design from a system’s perspective.
  6. Provide superior decision-making abilities in Strategic and Cultural Change.
  7. Discover and appreciate the importance of the three elements present in all human interactions and dynamics of change-and why complex changes so often fail (the Iceberg Theory of Change).
  8. Analyze and apply a menu of key structures as the leverage for enterprise-wide change management to your own organization and situation in order to design, build, and sustain the momentum of change.
  9. Apply The Rollercoaster of Change™ and its many practical applications to any Organization Development intervention and change situation…as part of a totally integrated systems solution to Strategic and Cultural Change.
  10. Review the four key roles of the “Players of Change,” and especially the key role of a Program Management Office.

Workshop Benefits:
As a result of attending this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Significantly improve your probability of success on any large scale change you are undertaking
  2. Assess and learn significant improvement ideas and lessons learned on any Strategic and Cultural Change you have undertaken previously
  3. Clarify and install the proper structures, roles, and processes from proven Best Practices in Strategic and Cultural Change
  4. Become a better, more proactive strategic leader in large-scale change efforts
  5. Make better strategic decisions on a daily basis throughout a Strategic and Cultural Change effort
  6. And most importantly-be part of the 25% of all organizations that make strategic change an art form and achieve their desired organizational excellence and significant business results


Strategic HR Planning and Management

Workshop Attendees
The workshop is designed for both private and public sector organizations:

  • Senior Executives with responsibility for the Human Resource function
  • Human Resource Executives and Managers
  • Organization Development and Training Professionals

Workshop Purposes:

  1. Participants will link their people issues to their Corporate Strategic Plan and core strategies.
  2. Participants review the changing People and HR trends, issues and roles in achieving people as a competitive business advantage.
  3. Participants will discuss and build consensus about the four “people management” roles in the organization of senior management, managers, human resources and the employees themselves.
  4. Participants understand The Systems Thinking Approach that forms the A-B-C-D-E foundation for the Strategic People Edge Management Model and its differences from a HR Strategic Plan.
  5. Participants understand the six People Edge best practice areas and assess their organization against them.
  6. Participants understand and assess how to integrate a Leadership Development Program as a key part of Creating the People Edge.
  7. Participants understand how to design, build and sustain the People Edge with emphasis on developing and implementing their Strategic People Plan.
  8. Participants discover how to institutionalize an Executive/Employee Development Board through the related roles of senior management and HR executives.
  9. Participants have the opportunity to identify and work on solutions to their tactical people edge issues, both during the workshop and on breaks, lunches and after hours.

Workshop Benefits:

  1. Learn to develop the simple Systems Thinking A-B-C-D-E phases to building an HR Strategic Plan to “Create the People Edge”
  2. Learn how to align your HR plans and practices with the shared corporate vision, values and core strategies
  3. Target the six natural areas of powerful People Edge Best Practices from extensive research in Systems Thinking
  4. Discover the six natural Leadership Competencies every organization must have—and thirty skills found nowhere else in the literature or field—explore our web-based 360° assessment tools
  5. Learn the four new 21st Century roles in successful people management today—including new HR and Senior Management roles
  6. Discover innovative recruiting and retention strategies for the 21st Century
  7. Discover the leverage of Succession Planning into ten other HR programs to ensure long-term business success
  8. Tie Leadership Development, HR Planning and Succession Planning to your Strategic Plan to “create your people edge” as a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  9. Discover HR’s relevance to the triple bottom line; your employees, customers and stake holders
  10. Decide how to get started—an Employee Development Board to partner with senior management


Talent and Succession Management System

Workshop Purposes:

  1. Understand what Talent and Succession Management is and is not
  2. Clarify the different “People Roles” required in a Talent and Succession Management System
  3. Learn how to set up your Executive/Employee Development Board
  4. Understand how to design your own Succession Planning Process and all its components
  5. Tailor the design of how to communicate your Process to your organization and all employee groups
  6. Prioritize your sequence of implementation of the complete Talent and Succession Management System
  7. Understand the difference between Training and Development and how to design a Leadership Development System to support this Talent and Succession Management System

Workshop Benefits:
As a result of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Set up and effectively run an Executive/Employee Development Board (EDB)
  2. Design, tailor and effectively conduct a Talent and Succession Management System for your organization
  3. Design and execute the proper roles in a Talent and Succession Management System between HR, Senior Management and other managers
  4. Design and implement a communications and confidentiality process for the EDB
  5. Design and Implement a Leadership Development System to support the Talent and Succession Management System