Cross Functional Strategic Leadership Programs
An Integrated Line of Business of The Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Level 4: Cross Functional Strategic Leadership Programs

Leadership Excellence for Executives

Workshop Purposes:
To develop the #1 Corporate-Wide Core Competency Required of Every Organization


Overall Purposes:

  1. To explore a way to increase your revenues, profits and long-term sustainability through better leadership.
  2. To provide a skill development road map for Achieving Strategic Leadership Excellence for each member of your collective leadership team.
  3. To reinforce the range and depth of Leadership Excellence as the #1 Corporate- wide Core Competency required for value creation in successful organizations.

Specific Outcomes:

  1. To learn what the Systems Thinking Approach® to Leadership Excellence is and what are its elements.
  2. To understand your personal assessment process on the 21st Century Best Practices in Leadership Excellence.
  3. To learn the details and Best Practices of building a Succession Planning Process, resulting in Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for each leader.
  4. To assess your job and yourself vs. our comprehensive Leadership Model, The Six Natural Levels of Leadership Competencies, synthesized from research on 27 prominent authors.
  5. To provide the specific skill-building exercises and courses your collective leadership team needs for mastery in both basic and advanced leadership concepts:
  6. To reinforce leadership skills interactively throughout the workshop.
  7. To use the Centre’s “ABC Template” to assess your leadership Development status and develop next steps to achieve your ideal Leadership Excellence.

Workshop Benefits:
As a result of this workshop, you will:

  1. Have a clear understanding of your required job Leadership competencies with the knowledge and skills for your specific position
  2. Have a clear understanding of your required job Business Acumen competencies with the knowledge and skills for your specific position
  3. Have clearly articulated and assessed your own current level of job performance vs. these Leadership and Business Acumen competencies
  4. Have significantly improved those required Leadership knowledge and skills over the two-day workshop
  5. Have significantly improved those required Business Acumen knowledge and skills over the two-day workshop
  6. Have developed a practical and specific Individual Development Plan (IDP) to execute after the workshop for both Leadership Development and Business Acumen.
  7. Have a clear methodology on how to involve your supervisor and key peers and direct reports in a 360 degree Leadership Assessment Process to gather further feedback and clarity on both your Leadership and Business Acumen


Strategic Project Management:
Planning and Executing Critical Projects and Strategic Initiatives

Fortune magazine estimates that 70% of all strategies fail because they could not be executed. Put the odds in your favor with this breakthrough program on an essential aspect of strategic leadership.

Workshop Description:

Benefit from this proven system to strategically plan and execute your biggest opportunities, projects and strategic initiatives.

Strategic Project Management equips leaders and teams with powerful thinking tools and a step-by-step process for designing executable action plans for strategies at any level.

This proven process draws on the same Systems Thinking Approach_ concepts found in the Haines Centre’s ABC Approach to Reinventing Strategic Planning, and tailors them to projects and strategic initiatives.

This workshop will give you new ways to approach complex strategies, projects, issues and opportunities. You’ll learn to use a simple, yet sophisticated thinking tool called The Logical Framework—it helps teams set precise Objectives, define Success Measures and manage projects as ongoing learning systems and dynamic experiments. This workshop is ideal for fleshing out strategies (D—How do We get there?) identified during Strategic Planning using the Haines Centre’s Systems Thinking Approach®.

Learn to ask and answer four critical strategic project questions that guide you and your organization in developing a clear Logical Framework roadmap for smooth execution. Strategic Project Management offers a breakthrough process for planning and executing difficult projects or strategies, which involve multiple players and cross-functional teams. The concepts apply to diverse areas such as improving internal procedures, developing new systems, conducting technical analyses, leveraging quality improvement, implementing change initiatives and tackling situations where incremental learning is necessary to discover the best approach. This workshop draws from the breakthrough ideas in Strategic Project Management Made Simple: Practical Tools for Leaders and Teams (by Terry Schmidt, Wiley, 2009)

This system has assisted organizations achieve outstanding results in over 34 countries. It works– when you put it to work! After learning the concepts, you’ll develop a first-cut plan on a topic of your choice. You’ll walk away with a solid and insightful action plan you can use on the job.


Workshop Purposes:
Workshop Objectives

  • Answer the strategic question D. “How Do We Get There” by sharpening a cluster of linked action plans fleshed out with a robust systems thinking methodology.
  • Learn to rapidly turn cross-functional task forces and other diverse groups into committed and effective teams through the Rapid Action Planning (RAP) process.
  • Understand how Strategic Project Management overcomes the common difficulties that keep most strategies from succeeding.
  • Learn to use a scientific approach to turn general Goals and strategies into concrete and effective project plans.
  • Learn a common vocabulary and powerful action tools that build consensus and common vision.
  • Apply the key concepts of chunking, If-then logic, hypothesis formulation, Iceberg Model, Assumption testing, action—learning and the strategic action cycle.
  • Apply the Iceberg Model of Change to Projects to build the project infrastructure and process that supports program level success.
  • Learn to use the Logical Framework tool as a project-level Systems Thinking Approach®.
  • Visibly align Objectives into testable strategic hypotheses that link to and support the higher strategy and key Goals.
  • Elevate your focus above the tactical level to the strategic level.
  • Develop an immediately useful action plan for a program, strategy, project, initiative, change effort or mess of your choice.

Workshop Benefits

  • Synchronize strategies to impact the Qudadruple/Quintuple Bottom lines.
  • Translate strategic intent into purposeful action.
  • Ensure common understanding and consensus on strategic approach.
  • Relate initiatives to the “big picture”—Goals, strategies and missions.
  • Overcome the myopia of traditional project management.
  • Eliminate preventable problems and reduce risk in advance.
  • Consider all the key factors needed for success using systems thinking.
  • Simultaneously build project plans and accountable project teams.
  • Logically demonstrate strategic linkages and alignment up, down; and across the organization.
  • Create a strong foundation for successful implementation


Collaborating Across Functions

Workshop Purposes:

  1. To apply Systems Thinking and Learning to collaborative efforts.
  2. To better value and manage people processes and differences as they contribute to successful collaboration.
  3. To increase awareness and ability in collaborating between and among people and processes of different organizational units.

Workshop Benefits:
As a result of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Lead cross-functional project teams more effectively
  2. Facilitate cross-functional issues, problems, and differences more successfully
  3. Facilitate strategic alliances and partnerships effectively to achieve their joint goals
  4. Build more effective teams that become high-performance teams