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Level 3: Intact Teams

Creating the Learning Organization

Workshop Purposes:

“From Theory to Practice … and … from Complexity to Elegant Simplicity”

  1. To assist participants in improving their thought processes, knowledge, and skills in Systems Thinking as applied to “The Learning Organization” and individuals/teams as well.
  2. To help each participant walk away with a practical set of tools, tips, and techniques to create “The Learning Organization” through actually using Systems Thinking in their lives and in their work.
  3. To discover and re-learn Adult Learning Theory and how to facilitate better learning in all group situations (“Adults learn best by doing”).

Workshop Benefits:
As a result of this workshop you will be able to:

  1. Lead your organization’s efforts to become a Learning Organization
  2. Teach a practical set of tools to individuals and teams on learning a better way to think–act, and achieve better results
  3. Personally, have a practical set of tools on learning as a better way to think–act, and achieve better results
  4. Become a highly skilled master facilitator to assist teams and individuals learn faster and more effectively.


Effective Team Development

Workshop Purposes:
Overall: To improve organization performance and results

  1. To undergo general periodic check ups on health, satisfaction, and effectiveness of your team
  2. To look at an image of how an effective team generally functions
  3. To diagnose how your are presently functioning as a team; your strengths, weaknesses, barriers, and current practices
  4. To plan corrective actions to solve problems you identified and have energy to resolve
  5. To integrate and improve our economic objectives
  6. To integrate and improve our human objectives
  7. To increase productivity through concerned/committed team efforts
  8. To identify and solve high priority organizational and team problems and opportunities
  9. To improve peer-subordinate-supervisor relationships and more effective/efficient communications; less time and effort needed to expand on interpersonal grapevine issues
  10. To increase participative involvement and consulting for decision-making; freedom of action
  11. To encourage more open and free flowing communications
  12. To increase interpersonal, individual and group membership skills
  13. To continue to create and improve our work environment, which will be more conducive to a healthy organization and, in a practical way, increased individual and group motivation
  14. To eliminate or reduce substantially any inter-group conflicts identified
  15. To clarify mission, vision, values, objectives, goals
  16. To improve customer service, responsiveness, quality of services
  17. To more effectively utilize and develop team members

Workshop Benefits:
As a result of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the Systems Thinking Approach® to effective team development
  • Know a variety of system’s designs to accomplish effective team development, resulting in a high performance team
  • Understand and have your skills increased in helping teams become more effective and satisfied
  • Work with a wide range of teams to assist improving their effectiveness and satisfaction, including executive teams, project teams, and department teams
  • Successfully resolve normal conflict issues within teams
  • Have the skills to take teams through the Rollercoaster of Change™ to high performance
  • Assist teams with short-term effectiveness and longer-term strategic issues successfully
  • Have the skills to assist team members in enhancing their interpersonal and team skills, understanding and performance


The Art in Facilitation

Workshop Purposes:
Two days of highly interactive exercises and practice for the facilitators who are on a journey to become legendary.

  1. To recognize that we have been facilitating since childhood.
  2. To understand the breadth and depth in facilitating.
  3. To understand the systems approach to the process.
  4. To create a roadmap to become a legendary facilitator.
  5. To understand the distinction between the Science and the Art in facilitation.
  6. To identify and articulate a legacy.
  7. To create a personal development plan and implementation process.
  8. To know from where you begin.
  9. To understand the importance for a master facilitator’s guiding principles as the foundation for becoming a legendary facilitator.
  10. To become quicker and more creative in thinking abilities.
  11. To confidently facilitate win-win solutions.
  12. To understand the importance of being yourself and retaining your individuality.
  13. To understand how to build confidence in others.
  14. To understand that “facilitating” is actually “selling.”
  15. To internalize the Art in Selling and actively use it in practice.
  16. To develop the habit for building others through their success.
  17. To ignite the passion, energy and curiosity within you.
  18. To understand and follow the adult learning model when facilitating.
  19. To understand how to create activities that produce desired outcomes.
  20. To review and assess your learnings.
  21. Develop and implement on-going development to become a legendary facilitator.

Workshop Benefits:
As a result of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Even more self-confidence as a professional facilitator.
  2. Enhanced leadership skills.
  3. Polished presentation skills.
  4. Sharpened negotiation skills.
  5. Improved coaching and motivation skills.
  6. Strengthened relationships with others.
  7. Improved professional presence/charisma.
  8. Enhanced career opportunities.


Group Facilitation: Practice – Practice – Practice

Workshop Purposes:
A highly interactive workshop of exercises and practice for those who want to become more effective in the science (tools, tips and techniques) required for successful group facilitation.

As a result of attending this Unique Workshop led by two Master Facilitators, you will be able to:

  1. Recognize that facilitating is a holistic system.
  2. Understand the role the facilitator plays.
  3. Reinforce and practice the basics of facilitating.
  4. Practice and increase your skills in multiple tips, techniques and tools for facilitating.
  5. Practice and increase your skills in advanced level tips, techniques and tools for facilitating.
  6. Recognize and enhance my knowledge and skill level development.
  7. Develop a follow-up reinforcement plan to continue to grow after the workshop.

Workshop Benefits:
As a result of this workshop, you will have:

  1. A repertoire of tools and techniques for facilitating and moving groups to successful desired outcomes.
  2. Increased self-confidence to facilitate meetings, retreats, trainings and workshops.
  3. Improved presentation skills and knowledge.
  4. Enhanced professional presence.
  5. Career and life-long skills growth