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Level 1: Self Mastery

Personal Transition and Change Management

The Rollercoaster of Change™

Workshop Purposes:

  1. To fully understand how change occurs in each of us.
  2. To define and appreciate the amount of stress you are personally experiencing.
  3. To clarify your own Vision of where you personally want to be three years from now.
  4. To learn the key tools, tips and techniques to successfully manage your own personal stress and transition.
  5. To develop a personal action plan to allow each participant his/her own unique way to successfully “transition” to his/her own future vision.

Workshop Benefits:
As a result of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Adapt quickly and effectively to any change in your life, job, or career
  2. Feel better about yourself and others as you go through change
  3. Teach yourself and others about change: “The natural, normal, and highly predictable way the world works”
  4. To lower the pressure and stress on yourself as you go through change
  5. To achieve your vision for the future


Strategic Life Planning

Workshop Purposes:


This two day workshop is designed for professionals, teams, individuals, couples and family businesses who are interested in proactively shaping their personal and career futures.

The Workshop*

The Centre for Strategic Management has provided a Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic Planning for organizations all across North America and internationally. We also offer this proven Strategic Life planning process for individuals, teams, families and small businesses.

This workshop is based on this world of experience. We all have far more ability to create our desired future than we typically use. This Systems Thinking Approach® to our Strategic Life Planning Model is present in an experiential format, using a fill-in-the-blank book.

    • formulating a personal vision and mission
    • clarifying core values
    • developing key success measures and a personal feedback system
    • analyzing your career and life as it is today
    • a clear implementation and follow-up system is installed

*Note: This workshop can be given all at once or in modules of ½ to one day long (with total time still two days–plus pre/post homework).

Workshop Benefits:
As a result of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Take control of and focus your life
  2. Achieve your goals for your life
  3. Gain consensus to support from key others for your life’s direction and goals
  4. To focus your career better and more successfully
  5. To better balance you life (body–mind–spirit)


Personal Leadership Mastery

Workshop Overview
This is a customized, in-house, hands-on, feedback-intensive workshop using the Systems Thinking Approach®. The Centre has over 25 possible leadership Self-Mastery Instruments and Assessments to use to customize this workshop to your particular needs.

Click here to review the suite of Haines Centre Assessments available for this workshop.

Workshop Core: Leadership Competencies
The core of this workshop is our Six Natural Levels of Leadership Competencies, a state of the art 360° Assessment using the Systems Approach found nowhere else in the literature. It is a simple, yet profound framework as the natural way the world works. Leadership roles in organizations are typically structured so these competency assessments can be utilized for:

  1. first time supervisors
  2. middle managers
  3. and all the way up the hierarchy
  4. to CEOs

Its uniqueness and comprehensiveness is such that it can be used for both:

  1. Tailored Leadership “job competency” requirements
  2. Current “job performance” of the leader vs. these tailored job competencies above