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Foundation Workshops

Achieving Leadership Excellence™: Enterprise-Wide

“A System of Leadership”
“Your Only Sustainable Competitive Edge”

Workshop Purposes:

  1. To assist senior decision makers in building a Leadership Development and Succession System for their collective leadership and management team.
  2. To create individual and customized leadership development experiences for senior executives and their collective management teams.
  3. To provide organizations with a set of research based, holistic leadership development skills and competencies tailored to their needs.
  4. To be a confidante, coach and guide to leaders and executive teams on leadership issues and for personal leadership development support.
  5. To provide coaching and training for the executive management team (and key others) in order for them to provide leadership development for the rest of their collective leadership and management team.
  6. To provide knowledgeable, focused and informed referrals on aspects of leadership development which are beyond CSM’s unique competencies.

Workshop Benefits

  1. Individual leadership development in specific areas of need.
  2. An ongoing system is in existence for continuous development of new leaders.
  3. Leadership has become your true “competitive edge” – a difficult one for others to attack.
  4. Professional leadership and management practices cascade down and throughout the organization.
  5. Better and better decisions with higher and higher levels of motivation, commitment and alignment to your vision, mission and values.
  6. Less bureaucracy, waste, inefficiencies and costs.
  7. Succession planning and development are tied to your Leadership Development System and to your Strategic Plan.
  8. Increased achievement of your Vision, Mission, and Positioning – i.e., service, growth, revenue, profits and desired market share.
  9. More internal teamwork, collaboration and coherent, desired leadership vision.

In Summary:
And finally, major enhancements to your collective leadership skills and competencies in Creating Customer Value, and achieving and sustaining your competitive business edge.


Strategic and Systems Thinking

From: Chaos & Complexity – To: Elegant Simplicity

  • From theory → to practice
  • From complexity → to simplicity
  • From confusing complexity → to elegant simplicity
  • From tradition → to innovation
  • From analytic/reductionistic thinking → to systems thinking
  • From mechanic → to organic thinking
  • From parts → to the whole
  • From tactical → to Strategic Thinking

Workshop Purposes:

  1. To provide a brief overview of the history, research and science of General Systems Theory and the leap to the Systems Age in the 21st Century.
  2. To assist participants in beginning to understand and improve their thought processes and knowledge in Strategic Thinking as applied to organizations, teams and individuals.
  3. To discover, examine, and learn the four key concepts of the science of Living Systems as the natural and better way the world works.
  4. To help each participant walk away with a beginning set of practical tools, tips, and techniques to actually use Systems Thinking strategically in their daily work and daily lives.
  5. To plan the next steps and priorities for spreading this new strategic “orientation to life” to the rest of your organization, in a tailored way that creates a Culture of Business Excellence and Superior Results.

Workshop Benefits:
Why Learn Strategic & Systems Thinking?

Key Feature:

  • It is a more productive language based on a better way to think…to act and to achieve extraordinary results. It is truly a “new orientation to life” once it is internalized.

Key Benefit:

  • Ordinary People + Extraordinary Thinking = Strategic Thinking = Extraordinary Results…time after time.


Simplicity and Bureaucracy

Simplicity and Blowing Out Bureaucracy—A Down Payment

Tom Peters says organizations spend 50% of their time on wasted efforts and activities.
James Champy says the average is 40%. What do you think it is for your organization?

_________% of Budget = $__________

Workshop Purposes:

  • To assist an organization in creating much more “clarity and simplicity” in all its operations
  • To help an organization move from a top down, high control oriented style of management, to a flatter organization with decisions pushed to the lowest level.
  • To improve productivity and empowerment with the same or a reduced work force.
  • To involve multiple levels of the organization in an effort to immediately remove bureaucracy, unnecessary work, policies, practices, reports, and approvals from the organization.
  • To build in a mechanism to ensure that follow-up occurs and the momentum for change and reduced bureaucracy is maintained.
  • To clarify and simplify your complex bureaucracy and improve crossfunctional and horizontal coordination and collaboration.

Workshop Benefits:
As a result of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Significantly enhance your business and operational excellence
  2. Provide more responsiveness and ease of doing business for your customers
  3. Significantly lower your ongoing costs of doing business
  4. Improve employee morale, dignity, and respect
  5. Leave behind an enhanced culture of empowerment, simplicity, and cost savings


Reinventing Strategic Planning to Deliver Customer Value

The Systems Thinking Approach®
To Integrating
Strategic Thinking, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Change

Workshop Purposes:

  1. Strategic and Systems Thinking:
    1. Learn the ABCs of Strategic and Systems Thinking and the practical tools to use it on a daily basis.
    2. Understand and assess your organization against the Best Practices of a System for Managing Strategically, day-to-day and year-to-year.
    3. Assess yourself against the Strategic Leadership Core Competencies needed to Deliver Customer Value.
    4. Learn the four key Principles of the Science of Systems Thinking and how to apply them in clear and simple frameworks to strategic leadership and management.
  2. Reinventing Strategic Planning:
    1. Explore and discover the magic and simplicity of the five Phases of Reinventing Strategic Planning for the 21st Century.
    2. To discuss the ten steps and unique qualities of the ABCs of Strategic Management and how it is similar and different that other Strategic Planning Models.
    3. Assess your own organization against the key concept of Strategic Positioning, and apply it to excellent companies that have a competitive advantage in delivering value to their customers.
    4. Assess your organization’s journey against the Best Practices Criteria for Performance Excellence built on the USA’s Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (Baldrige Plus).
  3. Leading Strategic and Cultural Change:
    1. Learn why 75% of Major Change Fails and how to be in the Top 25%.
    2. Learn how to apply simple choices and tips for the crucial role that unusual Change Infrastructures play in leveraging and focusing your efforts and behaviors to achieve successful strategic and cultural change.
    3. Re-learn the simplicity of all you need to know on the Rollercoaster of Change that all individuals, teams and organizations undergo as it natural, normal and highly predictable (vs. 20 other theories of change).
    4. Develop the in-depth knowledge and techniques to integrate and cascade your Vision, Core Values, Desired Culture and Positioning successfully down through every level, every unit, every day and every year.

Workshop Benefits:
As a result of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Model and raise your effectiveness as a better Strategic Thinker and Leader on a daily basis in everything you touch and do.
  2. Deliver a much higher level of customer value by your entire organization on a focused and consistent basis.
  3. Integrate Strategic Thinking, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Change in a holistic fashion for your organization, units, teams, and employees.
  4. Develop, implement, and sustain a customized and integrated Yearly Strategic Management System and Cycle for your organization on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.
  5. Lead Strategic Change in a planned, coordinated, and highly predictable fashion to achieve your desired results.
  6. Significantly increase your level of employee engagement, trust, and productivity throughout your organization.