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Customized In-House Workshops

Building a Culture of Performance Excellence

We offer public seminars and certification workshops on many of our Strategic Management topics. In addition, all our public



workshops are customized “in-house” to meet your unique needs. We offer a full range of Strategic Management training options and timeframes (one-half to five days) including Executive briefings – to workshops – to certification for trainers and facilitators. They are all organized using our six natural levels of leadership competencies – all based on the Science of Systems Thinking.

Six Natural Levels of Leadership Competencies

These 30 skills and six natural leadership competencies are based on the science of Systems Thinking “the Natural Way the World works”. We have interpreted and translated this science into our Systems Thinking Approach® to leadership development. Our extensive leadership development research of 27 authors and over 31 books. The result is that no one else has this systematic framework for all the needed competencies/skills of leaders at all levels.