Strategic Planning Consultant Stephen Lin
Stephen Lin
Top Strategic Management Consultant Stephen Lin

Stephen Lin

Master Strategic Planning Consultant

A dynamic, innovative, and sought-after strategic planning consultant, Stephen is the Centre’s ASIA Regional Managing Partner. As a member of the Centre’s Executive Committee and Boards of Examiners, he is responsible for the creation, updating and delivery of its Mastery and Certification programs in the various practices of strategic management; these programs are aimed at developing mastery-level internal strategic planning consultants in organizations. He is also a Founding Member and Fellow of the Strategic Management Forum, a global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the practice of strategic management. Stephen also holds the professional certification of Strategic Management Professional (SMP) awarded by the Association of Strategic Planning, and is an adjunct instructor of the University of San Diego’s Division of Continuing Education.


With a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, Stephen keeps his fingers on the pulse of trends and advances in the fields of Systems Thinking and Strategic Management, and their application to organizations. He constantly contributes to the creation, renewal, and localization of the suite of Intellectual Property owned by the Centre, which contain the practical frameworks, models, tools and templates that the Centre is know for. Stephen had collaborated for many years with the Centre’s late Founder Steve Haines on developing the work of the Centre, and co-authored “Enhancing Your Strategic IQ” with Steve. The wealth of knowledge, ideas, and tacit expertise that Stephen brings to clients is one of a kind. His mastery of Systems Thinking and Strategic Management and his innate ability to teach it so effectively to senior executives sets him apart in this field.


For over 32 years, strategic planning consultant Stephen has helped private companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations in Asia and the Middle East to develop Strategic Management and Innovation capabilities as core strengths in their organizations to drive performance, both in achieving immediate results as well as sustaining long term business success. He has led and facilitated many real-life strategic planning and implementation efforts, and customized and delivered hundreds of in-company senior management development programs, for a wide range of organizations including large and multi-national companies, small-medium businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations.


As an internal executive, Stephen has hands-on and in-depth experience in leading strategic transformation and capability development efforts. He has been key member of strategic planning and scenario planning teams.


As an external strategic planning consultant and trainer, Stephen Lin is recognized as a top professional in this field, and is in demand for in-company training and facilitation of strategic-planning and implementation efforts. He is constantly sought out to help organizations develop and implement their strategic management systems, and build their organic capacity to handle change. He also regularly leads public training seminars on key strategic management topics such as strategic thinking and planning, change management, leadership and innovation, and has conducted these workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Fiji, China, the Philippines, Dubai, Kuwait, the UAE, Australia and the USA.


Stephen is a Master Strategic Planning Consultant. When you attend a seminar, workshop, conference or any strategic management event with Stephen, you will walk away with a far better understanding, and more valuable insight on its practice than you would have imagined. When Stephen facilitates your senior team in their Strategic Conversations, Strategic Planning and Strategic Review efforts, they will walk away with new optimism and renewed confidence about the organization’s future.