Strategic Planning Research Comparisons - Authors

Strategic Planning Research Comparisons – Authors

S. Haines Centre Model
G. Steiner How To
C. Hayden Handbook
J.W. Pfeiffer UA Model
J. Zimmerman Strategic Framework
R. Ackoff Corp. Planning
P.Drucker Mgmt.
MAC Strategic Formula
R.H. Migliore
W. Waddell Outline of Strategy
M. Porter Competitive Strategy
B. Tregoe Vision in Action
R.G. Cope High Involvement Str. Planning
Planning Review
UA Research Conclsns
A. Haxz & N. Majlut Strategic Mgmt
1. Plan-to-plan • The Plan to Plan
• Stock holder exptns
Planning Risk Cycle Planning-to-Plan   Organize planning effort       No order       11 Step Planning Process 
1. Getting Started
No order  
2. Ideal Future Vision • Mgt. Desires & Values 
• Master Strs 
• Mission Purposes Objs Policies 
• Planning Strgies
• Culture 
• Master Strategy
• Issue Mgmt
• Mission Stmnt
• Value Chain
• Portfolio Apprch
• Values Scan
• Mission Formulation
• Driving Force
• Future Scope
• Product
• Market
Ends Planning What is Our Business? Bus. Def. 1. Purpose or Mission
2. Env. Analysis
Set Goals/Objs • Generic Value Chain
• Inbound
• Ops
• Outbnd Logistics
• Mkt/Sales
• Svcs
• Margin
1. Prod/Mrkt Segmntn
2. Future Strategic Plans
1. Mission Values
2. Tentative Formulation of Choices 4. Vision
2. Analyze Industry/Env
3.Undrstnd Comptve Adv
• Mission & Goal Frmltn
• Str Frmltn
1. Vision Mission SBU
2. Str. Thrusts
3. Key Success Factors Strategies after Gap Focus Str KSF SBU SBM CSIs LOBs • Guidelines Means Planning Decs Systemat-
Mkt/SBU Growth Analysis                
4. Current Assessment • WOTs Up: Co.S/W Env O/T (DataBase) Gap • Env Scan
• S/W
• O/T
• Industry Strctre
• Cmptve Analysis
• Gap Map
• Perf Audit
• Gap Analysis
• Key Capabilities   Decs Systemat-
Econ Analysis Comptive Eval 3. SWOT
4. Assumptions
Eval Ext Env Intrnl Assmnt • Firm Infra- structure
• Tech Dev
• Procure ment
3. Reality Testing
4. Positioning Strategic Choices for Action
5. Specific Capability Reqmnts
3. Eval of Choices Intrnl:
• Strengths
• Comtmnt Extrnl:
• Opps
• Compets
• Collab
4. Analyze Custmrs
5. Analyze Comptirs
6. Assess Rel Pos
7. Assess State of Bus
  3. Bus Scope/ID
5. Strategy Dvlopmnt   Scenarios Uncrtnty Chart Contngy Planning   Contngy Planning Decs Systemat-
  Objs Strategy Formulation     5. Decs on Choices 8.All Strs
9.Refine Strategy
Manage Uncrtnty
Str Eval 4. Bus Str
6.Consldte Strategy
6. Business Planning   Business Plans   Business Units Line Divisions   Decs Systemat-
  Strategy             5. Funct Strategy
7. Annual Planning/
Med Rnge 
Shrt Rnge Plng & Plans & Budgets
Funct Plans Intrlng Action Plans     Organize Systemat-
ically the efforts
  Ops Plans     6. Prjct Plans/Action Steps   11. ID Major Str Actions (MSA)    
8. Plan-to-Implement Implmtn Resrce Alloc   Resrce Alloc • Resrce Plng
• Org’l Plng
      Prepare short term action plans   7. Reslts Expctns       7/8.Action
Prgrms 9/10/11/12
9. Strategic Implement-
  • Implmtn Fit
                      • Str Implmtn Rsrc Alloc and Budgets
10. Annual Strategic Review Review/Eval of Plans • Measure System   Reviews Control Measure Results Systmtc Fdbk Fdbk to All Eval and Control           • Str Control & Eval