Our Foundation: Our Systems Thinking Approach

Our Foundation: Our Systems Thinking Approach®

From General Systems Theory

There are three main Systems Thinking concepts (and a fourth on how to change systems) in our copyrighted Systems Thinking Approach®:

    1. Seven Levels of Living Systems
      • All systems are actually subsystems of larger and larger systems in their environment–there is an actual hierarachy of interrelated systems
    2. System Dynamics (Laws of Natural Systems)
      • 12 characteristics of General Systems Theory
    3. Basic A-B-C-D-E Systems Model
      • The Systems Thinking Approach® “A New Orientation to Life” Part of 12 characteristics–and many, many applications

Changing Systems:

  1. Historical / Natural Cycles of Change
    • The Rollercoaster of ChangeSM–and many, many applications