Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer – Our Competitive Edge

One of our key philosophies that is very important to us when working with clients is to develop our clients’ internal capabilities.  We do this by transferring our knowledge and skills to them, and helping them install the structures and processes, to acquire full capabilities.


It is our strong belief that creating and delivering sustained Customer Value and results by our clients requires this Knowledge Transfer.


We actually do this in a number of specific and tailored ways based on our clients needs.


Some of these ways include:

  • On the job training by doing and observing
  • Coaching and Mentoring Executives and Strategic Management cadre alike
  • Providing bite sized readings, articles, instruments and models on Proven Best Practices and State-of-the-Art Best Practices Research Reports from our extensive and ongoing Research.
  • A progression of training and development in Strategic Management from foundational courses to mastery level certifications and train-the-internal-consultant programs.
  • Public and In-house workshops
  • Consulting with clients on building capacity through the installation of structures, processes, culture, resources and competencies.

Ask us how we can transfer our extensive knowledge to you