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Gold Mastery Certification in Executing Your Strategic Plan

Executive Testimonials on Executing Your Strategic Plan’s Effectiveness in Action

  • “Steve’s personal advice and coaching has been invaluable to me and helped me grow as a CEO while also dramatically growing our company. We have adopted and now “own” Steve’s Strategic Planning and Change process. It is the cornerstone of how we run Eagle Creek.” —President, Eagle Creek Travel Gear
  • “Your program of strategic planning and change was ideal for the purposes of this course. It required that the students address a wide range of issues… as well as providing each of them with an expertise that will not only be useful in their careers but one which is in short supply in our industry.” “Your planning and change model was an essential ingredient in that success. The simplicity of the model coupled with the thoroughness required in the preparation of a viable plan resulted in student plans which were well thought out and highly comprehensive.” —President, Earl Construction Company
  • “Steve has an excellent ability to get through the peripheral issues and get to the core issues.” “Steve has helped to bring our management together to understand the system to produce culture change.” —President, Kalmbach Feeds, Inc.
  • “I was extremely pleased with the content and how it was presented. I definitely gained a tremendous amount of insight into how to efficiently and correctly implement changes we are facing in our Association. You have certainly given me a perspective and appreciation on how skilled ‘process’ people can positively impact a business, and I look forward to working with you in the future.” —Executive Director, Red Angus Association of America
  • “Mr. Haines introduced the concept of critical success indicators that has more narrowly focused this organization’s strategic change process. He has been an objective, outside voice that quickly earned the respect of the board, senior management, and medical staff leadership alike in working through difficult economic and interpersonal problem areas common to most health organizations.” —Former President and CEO, Palomar Pomerado Health System
  • “Steve, I personally want to thank you for all your support and assistance and your dedication to the Giant Management Team. With your help, Giant is chartering a clearer path for the future.” —President and CEO, Giant Industries, Inc.
  • “Steve Haines and his fellow authors’ practical handbook for leading Enterprise-Wide Change in an organization is a godsend to any executive and consultant. Their years of experience, research and observation are distilled into logical steps for the executive and consultant alike to follow. The examples they give throughout the text bring each step alive. The environment for all enterprises is continually changing, and Steve Haines’ book will aid leaders in keeping their enterprises ahead of change and growing profitably.” —President, IDA
  • “Steve, the session went extremely well, as it always does when you have facilitated a Strategic Planning retreat for me as CEO in two different companies. We could not have gotten through some tough discussions and consensus as a team without your expert guidance. You first build everyone’s trust in you and then guided us through some tough but exciting decisions. You advice on not focusing on last years work too much I think made a difference also. Bottom line: we had a very successful day thanks to your leadership!” —CEO, Jenny Craig
  • “I trust that you traveled well. From us a big thank you and the Enterprise-wide Change work we did was indeed of immense value.” —CFO, Uganda Telecom
  • “I have really learned a lot, but more than that I am happy with what we have learned together as a team.” —CEO, Uganda Telecom

How effective was this Gold Mastery Certification in meeting its objectives?

  • Very insightful and inspiring. Thanks.
  • Examples were relevant to any organization.
  • Strong learning process. Kept the main thing as the main thing.
  • Comprehensive workshop. Good coverage, wish everyone on my team had the same point of reference.
  • Asked what was required from participants to ensure topics were met.
  • Practical, hands-on experience, timely topic.
  • Good mix of activities, information, and group work. Very useful at this time in my career.
  • The framework, concepts and tools make sense and have practical use.
  • Provided different perspectives and linking them.
  • Good information. An open and participative process.
  • Practical application – concrete examples. Learned a lot and a lot was confirmed.
  • Good material – well researched.
  • Some very useful practical tools and approaches.
  • The varieties of theories/frameworks presented allow the participant to feel they have options.
  • The generating of tips list and tips to get process unstuck was helpful.
  • Very good reference binder for future reference.
  • I will be able to go back to the office and have a direction. Excellent session.
  • Really enjoyed the course. Liked tips, tools and techniques, feedback repetition system.

How effective were the facilitator?

  • Excellent facilitators, kept flow of presentation interesting, flexible, used comments to great advantage.
  • Did his usual first-class job. Provides a high-quality opportunity to learn.
  • Excellent session. Know their material well and presents it very well.
  • Used material in a practical way. Lots of examples, exercises helpful.
  • Well organized yet flexible enough to incorporate his and others experiences into course work.
  • Good at Show/Tell/Do plus practical experience/relating to our situation.
  • Very experienced, consistent in message.
  • Keep things moving, dealt with potential “stalls”. Excellent communicator and listened.
  • Knowledgeable, informative, involved all participants.
  • Well informed.
  • Clear, confident, knowledgeable and skilled.
  • Good pacing, good skills with group.
  • Content experts. Excellent facilitators. Good presentation styles.
  • Open. Listened well. Everyone treated as an equal and as having important input and opinions.
  • Outstanding grasp of the material. Very well prepared.
  • Very experienced. Don’t try to know all the answers. Not judgmental.
  • Instructors very comfortable with and knowledgeable about the government environment.

General comments

  • Great job!
  • It was indeed a pleasure of my lifetime to connect with you all
  • Enjoyed the learning experience.
  • Content is excellent.
  • Great job, I look forward to attending the strategic Management one also
  • Excellent as always.
  • My learning and development has been further enhanced. A rich experience once again.
  • Great group of people. Very knowledgeable!