Practice Rounds
An Integrated Line of Business of The Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Practice Rounds

Gold Mastery Certification in Executing Your Strategic Plan

Week Long Program

Participant led presentations and facilitation Rounds to Demonstrate Proficiency:

Each participant will be expected to sign up to present and facilitate a learning experience for the other students on one or more of these Rounds during the week.

So bring your notes, materials and PowerPoint Slides to help you prepare at night in this Boot Camp-type week.

You will be given evenings to prepare your 30 minute presentation for the One Hour Cycle for Each Round as well as support from a peer participant Coach (and all the Instructors too of course)

These One Hour Cycle for Each of Rounds are explained at the bottom of this Link and will be further explained on Monday AM in class as well as an Instructor-Led DEMO of Round #1.

    Overview of Strategic Management – ABCs Template 4 Missing Links in change -3 Goals -3 Premises
  2. Cascade of Planning (Step 5) 2 Glues-core strategies-Corporate Top Priority Initiatives
  3. Business and Annual Dept Plans (Steps 6-7) – work plans-large group review
  4. Strategic Budgeting and Performance Management – simple Appraisals-Budget problems in different Sectors
  5. Smart Start-Executive Briefing (step 8)
  6. Smart Start-Plan-to-Implement (step 8)
  7. Iceberg Theory of Change – (Content-Process-(Infra) Structures)
  8. Rollercoaster of Change – theory-uses at the basic levels: self-1-1 and Teams
  9. Rollercoaster of Change – uses at the Advanced levels-Project Teams – Cross Functional, Organization-wide change
  10. Change Infrastructures – Large – small – mindsets/mental models – structure influences behaviors
  11. Change Leadership Team – concept-meetings-Yearly Map of Implementation – Players of Change
  12. Organization Capacity for Change – 5 elements-uses-timing and link to Iceberg Theory of Change
  13. Four Types of Change – Behavioral Science Principles and their implication on change
  14. Strategic & Cultural Change – 3 leverage points – 7 Pillars of Change – and its difficulty and time
  15. Holistic Organization Design – different options to use and when to use them alone or in conjunction with others
  16. Cascade of Change – 8 levels of living systems and their collisions-complexity – different approaches at different levels
  17. Communications – Effective Meetings Teamwork and communications
  18. Problem-solving – solution seeking – decision-making in all infrastructures: Systems Thinking Approach®
  19. Project Management – Simplicity Police – Continuous Improvement Teams
  20. A Coaching And Learning System – all components-levels-organization wide
  21. Put it all together – Annual Strategic Planning Review -and Update (step 10)

One Hour Cycle of Each Round Explained:

  1. Presentations/Facilitation will be As Follows (Rule of Three is key; Use visuals) –You have 30 minutes total
    1. Lecturette on purposes and three key concepts (10 minutes recommended) – The “What”
    2. Overall design/sequence/agenda (or Lesson Plan) of the step presented (10 minutes recommended) – The “How To”
    3. Three big process issues anticipated?
      (How would you handle them is covered later – 10 minutes recommended
  2. Question and Answer Period (15 minutes) – to be facilitated by facilitators (Focus on tools, tips, and techniques)

    Each person will be asked to keep a Master Learning Log throughout the week. In it they will write down their Biggest Learning from the topic above. Then 5+ random reports/answers will be requested and flip-charted. Only then the facilitators’ dialogue will start.

    These Master Learning Logs will be submitted on Thursday night to the facilitators for review and to be graded. Then they will be returned on Friday.

  3. Feedback on your top three skills plus 3 skills most in need of improvement will be provided (5 minutes) “continue-more of-less of”

    Two of you will be randomly asked to process these three questions as a total group.