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Participant Testimonials

  1. Systems Thinking is an elegantly simple, but altogether powerful and all-encompassing, way of looking at the world and our part in it.
    – Ian Matanguihan, Avon Products
  2. All that was presented added value to the Strategic Thinking process
    – Stan Seth, Avon Products
  3. Systems Thinking is critical to all organizations who want to keep up with the “speed of change”
  4. “This is an excellent system and process. Steve Haines is a world leader in change management and systems thinking.”
    – EPP/BC Envir
  5. “I am confident I will apply the strategic management system and planning concepts, plus facilitator ideas in many ways: refining/developing my own personal LIFE PLAN; a self instructional LIFE PLAN kit for our staff, and facilitating strategic planning in other departments.”
    – Executive Participant, Saskatchewan Public Service Commission
  6. “Steve Haines and colleagues at the Centre for Strategic Management have clearly created a new and elegant level of thinking to address the significant problems of today and the future – thinking backwards to the future. Organizations that adopt this new frame of reference substantially improve their probability of long-term success.”
    – Dr. R. P. Gilbert, Executive Secretary, Red Angus Assoc.
  7. “Effective in re-enforcing the need to be strategic in planning/thinking. Systems approach is useful and is more “Big Picture.” Elevates your thinking and planning to a new level.”
    – Diana Walker, Best Western International
  8. “Steve Haines is a world leader in change management and systems thinking.”
    – Don Fast, Executive Director, EPP, BC Environment
  9. The models and tools are outstanding. The way Steve manages our group process was a great demonstration of Systems Thinking and Strategic Planning
  10. The San Diego County Office of Education appreciates your welcoming us and support of our work. Thank you for connecting many of the learnings to “our system”
    – Elaine Hodges, San Diego County Office of Education
  11. Systems Thinking is a complex subject, Steve managed to effectively get across the principles through examples, repetition and involvement
    – Elizabeth Johnston – Crosspoint Strategies
  12. Overall, the Systems Thinking workshop was outstanding in helping me gain a broader perspective of the many complex issues I deal with daily in my organization.
    – George Niemann, Bancroft Neuro Health