Internship Options
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Internship Options

IF you desire to get a USD Gold Mastery Certification, it will require a “post-graduate” type of very flexible Internship options with the Haines Centre like what exists in many other true professions (Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, etc.)

Flexible and Simple Options:

This Internship has some flexible options to choose from:

  1. A 3-month Haines Centre Facilitator paid Strategic Management Coaching assignment with you on a Strategic Planning process
  2. A Contract with us to come into your Organization with you on a Strategic Management process
  3. An opportunity for you to observe us with a client in a Strategic Management process at your own expense at multiple Strategic Management sessions.
  4. What else? Make us an offer—we are flexible.
  1. In addition, there is one last requirement at the end of the Internship.
    It is for each of the three Gold Mastery Certification Candidates to write up a Case Study with Lessons Learned each time, and submit it for review, critique and approval by a Haines Centre Master Facilitator.

Some Background:

  1. This Mastery and Internship is an increased focus of the entire Boot Camp week, beginning with this Question and exercise on it on Monday AM.
  2. We also cover our Platinum Mastery Certificate in Strategic Leadership in its entirety.
  3. We also revisit it on Friday AM as well to close the loop and help you understand how the other GMC dates and locations can be a core part of your Long-Term Career Development

Blooms Taxonomy

The reason for this is found in Bloom’s Taxonomy and the need for real Mastery to include:

  1. Knowledge and Understanding,
  2. Then Skill Building,
  3. Then a Life-Long Learning Attitude, and
  4. Last, extensive abilities and experiences are gained over the long-term.

Real Mastery requires life-long curiosity, learning, practice, practice, practice over many years with a Black Belt type of stair-steps of Learning—See other page in the Participant Notebook handout.