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Gold Mastery Certification in Strategic Management

Participant Testimonials

“Achieved my expectations!”

“Thank you each for your support, help and insights”

“This has been a very beneficial week – many thanks”

“I enjoyed and appreciated each consultant’s contributions and how well they worked together to share their knowledge”

“I still (and will continue) to learn, but the process has crystallized through this workshop”

“All facilitators work well together. There was/is evidence of coordination and planning”

“Love the course and the help in clarifying the concepts. I have a better appreciation for the depth of the course and material. Thanks for letting me attend!”

“Well structured program that ensures skills are practiced and honed in a safe environment”

“Best ever!”

“Such a pleasure to learn from!”

“Stephen, thank you so much for making it happen for me!”

“This session has helped me tremendously on my road to becoming an effective facilitator of change in my organization”

“It’s a very good concept to use – learn by teaching”

“Tremendous impact on others: caring!; making a positive difference on others”

Step by step – it works.
For Me, it was a classic example of finding out what I don’t know. The examples and anecdotes people contributed were terrific.
Steve, a particular thanks also to you for your hospitality on day one and to you and Barbara for your insightful, thoughtful and helpful mentoring while we were there.
Barbara Collins is gentle but powerful. Effective. – Jeremy Kidner

Power learning, ideas galore! – Yael Blum

Thank you for a great week – Erin Campbell Howell

Appreciate the learning, the great supportive people for ALL aspects of the GMC course.

Course was far beyond expectations.

Good mix of activities and excellent opportunity to learn from each other.

Lots of learning – liked individual presentations. – Crystal Knight Lee, WSSC

Strategic Management Gold Mastery Certification

–January 29, 2010


Quality, comprehensive equivalent to a full MBA packed into a full 5–day boot camp. Well worth the time and investment. ~ Paul Nelson, Senior Consultant – Strategic Planning

Wonderful People, faculty and classmates ~ Bill Hurst, Kaiser Permanente

This is what the world is looking for in the world view of Strategic Management because Systems Thinking put the parts together as a whole. ~ Obianuju Onwuzulike(“Uju”), Strategy & Group Coordination Dept, Lagos, Nigeria

Highly competent facilitators, personal interaction reinforced learning throughout the weeK. ~ Karl Sommers, Karl Sommers Consulting, LLC

Great speakers with great knowledge and experience; opportunity to build network; great relevance to business needs. ~ Vivian Mendez, Organization Development Pfizer

What did you like in the Certification that should be continued?

Immersion Process–Boot Camp–Very effective–I learned more this week than any other course I’ve taken ~ Bill Hurst, Kaiser Permanente

Continue facilitations by participants; continue linking to content @ back of room ~ Lewe Atkinson, Manager – KPI, Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd

To create more awareness of Systems Thinking to the world. ~ Obianuju Onwuzulike(“Uju”), Strategy & Group Coordination Dept, Lagos Nigeria

Co–teaching, co–creating presentations was an effective learning tool. Great team/group experience ~ Susan Stratton–Radwan, Owner Leading Edge Mentoring

The “teach back” was a great way of getting deeper knowledge on the topics. ~ Vivian Mendez, Organization Development Pfizer

How effective was this Certification in meeting its objectives?

Intense & Immersion Experience ~ Lewe Atkinson, Manager – KPI, Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd

How effective were the facilitators?

Great business experience. Great organization design (people) experience. ~ Lewe Atkinson, Manager – KPI, Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd

Does this Certification fit a professional organizational need?

All of our Program Managers should be trained in Strategic Management ~ Lewe Atkinson, Manager – KPI, Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd