Purposes and Benefits
An Integrated Line of Business of The Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Purposes and Benefits

Gold Mastery Certification in Strategic Management


  1. To learn “how to” facilitate The Systems Thinking Approach™ to Reinventing Strategic Planning to Strategic Management to Deliver Customer Value
  2. To practice the key Steps to Reinventing Strategic Planning to Strategic Management as they apply to your case.
  3. To learn the key tools, tips and techniques to successfully install a Strategic Management System and its cycles across your organization.
  4. To practice designing and tailoring the Strategic Management process to meet client needs, wants, times and costs.
  5. To discuss how to successfully facilitate difficult situations in using the Systems Thinking Approach™ to Reinventing Strategic Planning to Strategic Management.
    • Conflict among participants
    • Senior Executive dominance or lack of openness
    • Closure and consensus – “Actively Support”
    • Beginning/ending of each meeting – Parallel Involvement Process
  6. To reinforce Strategic Thinking fits into an overall Strategic Management System and to learn some keys to assisting an organization in installing this.
  7. To receive feedback on your facilitation skills and level of mastery in Strategic Management

Benefits – What do you get from our certification?

As a result of achieving the Gold Mastery Certification in Strategic Management you will:

  1. Have an in-depth knowledge of Systems Thinking and Strategic Management as a “New Orientation of Life.”
  2. Have the ability to facilitate and install a Strategic Plan, Three Year Business Plans and an annual Plan and support it over the long term, based on the organization’s unique positioning in the marketplace.
  3. Have the ability to facilitate the installation of a Strategic Management System, and Yearly Cycle as the new way to manage a business strategically – on a daily-monthly-yearly basis.
  4. Have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Reinventing Strategic Planning into the Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic Management for the 21st Century including:
    • The Content of our 10 Step Strategic Management Model.
    • The process and sequence of explaining and facilitating this Yearly Cycle.
    • Much of the tacit knowledge that only comes from experienced master consultants and trainer.
    • The ability to conduct a Future Environmental Scanning process, a Scenario Planning Process, Marketplace Positioning and many more processes.
  5. Have the ability to think more strategically and innovatively as a leader, facilitator and a consultant on a daily basis.
  6. Have a significant growth in self-mastery and breakthrough facilitator skills on personal, interpersonal, and team levels.
  7. Have the ability to be coached at work by Haines Centre master consultants, as you have now begun your life-long educational and experience-based journey to have mastery in Strategic Management: The Systems Thinking Approach®.
  8. Have an MBA-level equivalent course # and credits from the University of San Diego, as well as, Continuing Education Units. (CEU’s)
  9. Have received the best and most extensive State-of-the-Art Strategic Management resource materials in the world today.
  10. Be able to personally improve your overall job performance, advance your consulting, training and facilitator skills, as well as, enhance your personal brand, job security, career and mobility with the prestige as a strategic leader in your field.

and finally – eligible to keep pursuing our Platinum Mastery Certificate: An USD approved equivalent of an MBA