Pre-Work and Pre-Requisites
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Pre-Work and Pre-Requisites

Gold Mastery Certification in Strategic Management

Greetings Colleagues,


It is time to discuss your immersion in our Gold Mastery Certification in Strategic Management, The Systems Thinking Approach®.


Certification Pre-Requisite: Generally, you must attend the 2½ day Reinventing Strategic Planning workshop in order to qualify to attend the Certification.


Alternative Pre-Requisite: There are exceptions to this if attending the workshop is impractical. Please see certification prework below for alternative choices. The time it takes to complete the pre-requisites is usually 24 hours, the same as the 2½ day workshop without travel expenses and half the workshop registration costs.


Certification Pre-Work: In order to prepare you for the Certification immersion and enhance your experience, you have some intense pre-work assignments that you need to start on now. The pre-work consists of the following tasks:

  1. Please read in advance the following package of Articles. You will receive them upon registration.
    1. Becoming a Strategic Thinker on a Daily Basis (ABST)
    2. Reinventing Strategic Planning (ARSP)
    3. How to Avoid the Top Strategic Management Failures (ASMF)
    4. Scenario Planning (ASPL)
    5. The Fundamentals of Strategic Marketing and Sales Management Good Marketing Separates the Winners from the Losers (AMARK)
    6. Valu-Max Package – Using the Systems Thinking Approach® (AVMP)
    7. The ABC’s of Strategic Management (AABC)
    8. Three-Year Functional Planning: All Departments (A3YRFP)
    9. Three-Year Business Plans: The Systems Thinking Approach (A3YRBP)
    10. Group Facilitation (AGF)

Bring an actual work or client situation/case to resolve (a problem, issue, project, strategic plan) in exercises throughout the Certification. Lastly, bring all necessary documentation for a work case, for yourself to get advice on, including strategic plans, values statements, problems and issues, leadership programs, operating plans, etc.


  1. In addition – You MUST read 5 books, 2 State of the Art Reports and view 3 Web Enhanced Learning Series Webinars that cover the range of the Certification, as this week is for experienced Strategic Thinkers who know the basics of our ABCs of Reinventing Strategic Planning into Strategic Management. Please purchase and read the following books and reports prior to the Certification:Books, Workbooks and Executive Briefing Books
    1. Book – Enhancing Your Strategic IQ (Code: B-SIQ)
    2. Book – Reinventing Strategic Planning: The Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic Management (Code: B-RSP)
    3. Book – Pearls of Wisdom I (Code: POW)
    4. Workbook – Strategic Planning Simplified (Code: SPS)
    5. Executive Briefing Booklet – The ABCs of Strategic Management (Code: EBRSP)

    Recommended Optional Books

    1. Leading Enterprise-wide Change (Code: EBEWC)
    2. Strategic and Systems Thinking (Code: B-SST)

    State of the Art Reports

    1. State of the Art Report: Reinventing Strategic Planning (Code: R-SOA-RSP)
    2. State of the Art Report: Future Environmental Scanning (Code: R-SOA-FES)

    All can be found on


    III. Web Enhanced Learning Series Webinars on Strategic Management

    If for some reason you cannot attend the 2½ day Reinventing Strategic Planning workshop, you may be allowed (pending approval) to purchase and view our State of Art Webinar Classic Series.

    For those who have attended the 2½ day Reinventing Strategic Planning workshop, the Webinar Series above is a mandatory review and FREE to you.


Lastly, please bring all your Reinventing Strategic Planning materials and PowerPoint slides (obtained with each State of the Art Report Webinar) so you can use them to help you prepare for the presentations you will make.

Note: This is a 4½-Day Immersion in Strategic Management & Strategic Planning, so come prepared for evening work on all nights in preparing your presentations to demonstrate your mastery. There will be no time for outside activities. However, we do plan for a gathering of all participants and facilitators on Monday night.


Our meeting schedule starts with an 8:00 AM continental breakfast and goes into the evenings each day. This is a serious immersion learning process. Lunch is provided each day. On day five (Friday), we work from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM, ending with a boxed lunch at 1:00 PM. Please do not plan an airplane departure before 3 PM at the earliest.


If you have not already indicated a special food request or other meal accommodations, please contact us at or 1-619-591-8776.


Click here to register for the Gold Mastery Certification for Strategic Management that you are interested in attending.

We are looking forward to a great week with you, facilitated by our highly experienced Global Partners.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you.

Local Location Information: See the registration pages for each Certification for local hotel recommendations and Certification locations.


Note: University of San Diego (USD) and The Haines Centre have increased the rigor required for an EMBA course. USD also requires a University type application and $70.00 fee at time of registration. Please also see a follow up separate email to you on filling out the USD application for their records prior to the class start date.