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Gold Mastery Certification

  • Experience Intensive Practical Reinforcement: You will receive more intensive learning, reinforcement and internalization of the Systems Thinking content as each concept is revisited from a much deeper, new practical level – the tacit knowledge that is key to success, yet hard to find.
  • Acquire Extensive “how-to” Knowledge: You will spend much more time on the “how to” application, sequences, details and nuances in addition to the “what” of the Systems Thinking content. Learn the many practical tools, tips, and techniques from the masters.
  • Demonstrate Mastery: You will have an opportunity to conduct practice sessions and demonstrate your expertise in part of the week, while receiving practical feedback on your Systems Thinking skills from the Haines Centre’s Master Level Consultants.
  • Enhance Your Facilitation Skills: Regardless of your facilitation expertise – this will take you to a new level of knowledge.