What is Diffent About Our Reinventing Strategic Planning For the 21st Century

What is Diffent About Our Reinventing Strategic Planning For the 21st Century

21st Century
Environment Scan

New Strategic Management Concepts
(Planning, People, Leadership, Change)


1. Dynamic environment 1. Importance of regular environmental scan – do first
2. Desire for clear and broader results 2. Measurement focused – “quadruple bottom line”
3. Very complex world 3. Simplicity is key – rule of three/of one
4. More competitive environement/drive to commodity/price only 4. Unique position is essential – the right answer does count

5. Non-linear future environment/major disruptions 5. Ideal Future Vision is place to start, not Current State Assessment
6. More demanding customers 6. “Data-based decision making” – planning team with an external customer orientation are key, not just senior management (support jobs)
7. More skeptical and less engaged emplyees 7. Parallel Process and large group annual department review meeting – maximum involvement of rest of management/key employees
8. More diverse employee culture, background, ethnicity, age and values 8. Glue of core strategies and core values key to Cascade of Planning and Immplementation – with accountability of performance and rewards

9. Attention span shorter/more “noise” in the world (concept of entropy – all things run down and die) 9. Need for monthly and quarterly progess review meetings and Annual Strateic Review (and Update) – “buy-in and stay-in” are both key
10. No one has all the answers or skills – how to make sense fo all the books, fads, theories 10. Leadership development done concurrently with planning and implementation to stay abreast of new concepts and assimilate the learning for us (Corporate-wide Core Competency #1)

11. “Long term” is nothing without “shorter term” successful implementation and change linked to longer term 11. Create a Strategic Management System and Annual Cycle as a new way to run the business (Corporate-wide Core Competency #2)
12. Complexity within all organizations 12. Need Strategic Business Redesign for “watertight integrity” – systems view, understanding, and challenge of change (Corporate-wide Core Competency #3)
13. Faster pace of work and life 13. Tailored Strategic Management System to yur unique needs, from “micro” to “quick” to “comprehensive” Strageic Planning

14. Faster pace and variety of changes 14. Flexibility and agility of implementation are key – “emergent strategies” a way of life (plan is a living, breathing document)