Achieving Leadership Excellence™

Achieving Leadership Excellence™

A Complete System of Leadership Development

12-Part System – Fully Assembled by the Centre

  1. Achieving Leadership Excellence: Enterprise-Wide – Executive Briefing Booklet, Exeutive Summary Artile and Color Model.
  2. Organizational Leadership Needs Analysis (The Systems Thinking Approach®) – Leadership and Business Acumen (online or hard copy).
  3. Succession Management Guide (Succestion Planning and Talent Development).
  4. 360° Leadership Competency Analysis (Self and Other Instruments) – Leadership and Business Acumen (online or hard copy) – all you need for every management job and personal assessment.
  5. Personal Leadership Planning Guide (for use with each 360° Assessment).
  6. Achieving Leadership Excellence: Comprehensive Reference Library (Volume VII) – 500+ pages, fully reproducible – a virtual PhD. in Leadership.
  7. Achieving Leadership Excellence: Enterprise-Wide Change Participant Workshop & Training Package.
  8. Leadership Excellence For Executives – Skill Building Workshop and Training Package.
  9. Leadership Best Practice Guidebook – (510 versatile, Best Practices combinations from our “408 Questions and Answers” – to build a Reinforcement and Booster Shot process.
  10. 50 One-Minute Tips for Leaders – Best Selling Book, 150 pages – weekly reinforcement all year long.
  11. Follow-up and Reinforcement Learning System – Centering Your Leadership: Best Practices Guidebook (408 Best Practices Questions and Answers).
  12. Centering Your Leadership: “The Board Game That Teaches” – Two Levels of Experiential Learning.

All Based on Our Unique Systems Thinking Approach®