Manager-as-Coach Training
An Integrated Line of Business of The Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Manager-as-Coach Training

Coaching Option #2

The Systems Thinking Approach® to Coaching


We typically deliver Manager-as-Coach Training as a two-day training program. It is a practical coaching skills training program for all levels of management, from the executive to the supervisory level. Since leaders need skills to manage and develop their people, coaching skills are an important part of any manager’s toolkit. This training provides a practical, easy-to-learn coaching method based on the Haines Centre’s strategic systems approach.

This two-day training program is conveniently delivered at your site. It includes practice and role-playing, as well as the application of the STAC™ model to Manager-as-Coach Training. It also covers our 12 Options on how to use our Coaching and Learning System. Finally, we cover the introduction of our Leadership Competency model.

Purposes and Benefits:

  • To provide an in-house coaching skills training program for all levels of management.
  • To enhance workplace coaching-learning using an outcomes-oriented approach to coaching.
  • To strengthen vertical alignment between organizational strategy and individual performance.

Target Audience:

This option is designed for all levels of management that want to improve their coaching-learning competency using a strategic Systems Thinking Approach, including C-level executives, organizational leaders, managers and supervisors.

It is also beneficial to organizations that want to offer coach training to their management in order to improve performance management, employee engagement and alignment of employee goals to company strategy.


The Systems Thinking Approach® to CoachingTM (STAC) is based on The ABCs of Systems Thinking, our Universal Thinking Framework and GuideTM with applications to all aspects of our daily life and work. This foundational conceptual model has five phases we have applied to answer five crucial questions, beginning with “Where do you want to be?”

Our clients receive training from experienced Haines Centre coaches, skilled in the use of the STAC™ model and Gold Mastery Certified in the areas of strategic and systems thinking.

Intellectual Property Support:

Like all of our coaching options, Manager-as-Coach Training is supported by our subsidiary, Systems Thinking Press, and its more than 700 products, including articles, assessments, exams and books.