Executive Onboarding
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Executive Onboarding

Coaching Option #4

The Systems Thinking Approach® to Coaching


This option is helpful when a new executive joins an organization or another executive is promoted. Onboarding is more than orientation—it involves a complete assimilation into the organization and its people. Rather than starting right away with content and tasks, new executives should first build relationships and knowledge. The sequence is listen, learn and then lead.

The Executive Onboarding involves weekly meetings with the new executive’s supervisor to ensure the person is on track with the program and their initial entry into the organization. This option includes one-day of team-building with the existing team so he new hire can build important relationships first and learn the issues that impact the team. It also entails one-to-one meetings with organizational peers and other key people to help the new executive discover issues, learn different viewpoints and build relationships, so he or she will be successful when they transition to content, tasks and 90-day priorities.

Purposes and Benefits:

  • To ensure a successful promotion or hiring occurs for the executive position in question. Organizations often spend considerable resources finding the right candidate, but then leave the new executive to sink or swim. Onboarding dramatically increases success and return on investment.
  • To help new executives climb the learning curve quickly to ensure long-term success.
  • To help new executives build relationships and teamwork with organization, suppliers and customers.

Target Audience:

The CEO and top management team and their new and promoted executives, as well as key staff players from Human Resources, Training and Organization Development who will help carry out the onboarding plan.


The Systems Thinking Approach® to Coaching™ (STAC) is based on The ABCs of Systems Thinking, our Universal Thinking Framework and GuideTM with applications to all aspects of our daily life and work. This foundational conceptual model has five phases we have applied to answer five crucial questions, beginning with “Where do you want to be?”

Our clients receive training from experienced Haines Centre coaches, skilled in the use of the STAC™ model and Gold Mastery Certified in the areas of strategic and systems thinking.

Intellectual Property Support:

Like all of our coaching options, Executive Onboarding Smart Start is supported by our subsidiary, Systems Thinking Press®, and its more than 700 products, including articles, assessments, exams and books.