Executive Briefing for Senior Management
An Integrated Line of Business of The Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Executive Briefing for Senior Management

Coaching Option #3

The Systems Thinking Approach® to Coaching


This Executive Briefing for Senior Management is all about helping the senior executive team understand its coaching options and how they can help to create a Coaching-Learning Organization.

The Executive Briefing is a one-day session. The morning involves educating on the Coaching- Learning Organization and assessing your organization’s needs to help put us all on common ground.

The afternoon includes a Plan-to-Plan, which involves organizing and tailoring goals and elements to fit your organization’s needs. This helps in deciding if and how to move forward with your Coaching- Learning Organization.

Purposes and Benefits:

  • To educate the CEO and executive team on the range of Haines Centre’s coaching options and the stages and elements of a total Coaching- Learning Organization.
  • To choose coaching options—either selected elements or the entire Haines Centre Coaching-Learning Organization system—and a timetable for the implementables.
  • To clarify to executives how to involve the rest of the collective management team.
  • To help senior management begin to “walk the talk,” modeling coaching skills and practices.

Target Audience:

The CEO and top management team, as well as key staff players from Human Resources, Training and Organization Development who will help carry out the Coaching-Learning Organization plan.


The Systems Thinking Approach® to Coaching™ (STAC) is based on The ABCs of Systems Thinking, our Universal Thinking Framework and Guide™ with applications to all aspects of our daily life and work. This foundational conceptual model has five phases we have applied to answer five crucial questions, beginning with “Where do you want to be?”

Our clients receive training from experienced Haines Centre coaches, skilled in the use of the STAC™ model and Gold Mastery Certified in the areas of strategic and systems thinking.

Intellectual Property Support:

Like all of our coaching options, Executive Briefing for Senior Management is supported by our subsidiary, Systems Thinking Press®, and its more than 700 products, including articles, assessments, exams and books.