The Centre's Unique Positioning

The Centre’s Unique Positioning in the Marketplace?

(i.e. What is unique, different and better about us than the competition in the eyes of our customers that causes them to do business with us instead).


It is the practical application of our “Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic Management…Our Only Business” that produces the best possible quadruple bottom line results to our Customers, their Employees, their shareholders and society.


The Haines Centre for Strategic Management“ is among the world leaders in the practical and successful application of Systems Thinking to “Strategic Management . .our Only Business”. Our Strategic Management expertise includes:


  • Strategic Edge (Strategic Planning, Business Planning, and Change Management).
  • People Edge (Leadership Development, HR Management, People Systems, and Performance Improvement).
  • Customer Edge (Business Redesign, Process Improvement, Marketing and Sales, and Customer Value).
  • Our Foundation (Systems Thinking, Adult Learning, Group Facilitation, and Innovation).


We have interpreted, translated, assimilated, published and successfully applied a suite of over 80 original, common sense, natural tools, concepts, and integrated applications of our Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic Management.


We assist senior management in using these integrated tools, concepts, processes and systems to better define their vision and direction, and more intelligently resolve their business challenges. 
We then facilitate the implementation of organization-wide change in a more focused, more simple and more successful way, meeting over 80% of their external support needs, resulting in a longer lasting “Customer-Focused High Performance Learning Organization”.


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