Steps to Join the Haines Centre

Steps to Join Us

Member Development and Viability

These steps provide a mechanism for all Haines Centre members to develop superior competencies critical for our individual and collective success.

Both Associate Consultants and Certified Affiliates go through the same steps to join, however, their roles are fundamentally different.

Steps to Join as Associate Consultant or Certified Affiliate

Becoming an Associate Consultant or Certified Affiliate can take time. There is no rush. We want the right people who are willing to be in the Centre for the long haul. Those interested in long-term success with the Haines Centre should follow these simple steps.


  1. Get to know us
  2. Let’s meet
    • Meet with one or more of our current Global Partners and/or Associate Consultants. Discuss all issues, purposes, and values in depth.
  3. Get Certified through the Haines Centre-see certification requirements
  4. Submit an application for review by Global Partners
    • After completion of the Master Classes for one of the three certifications, submit an application for membership as either an Associate Consultant or Certified Affiliate.
  5. Interview with Global Partners
    • Participate in an interview with a number of  Global Partners, either individually or collectively over the phone, web-conference or face to face.
  6. Approval Vote by Global Partners
    • Finally, our Global Partners will hold a confidential meeting and must vote unanimously for you to join the Haines Centre for Strategic Management. At this point, you become a probationary Associate Consultant or Certified Affiliate, pending completion of the third step of Gold Mastery Certification within 6 months of joining.
  7. Development actions and coaching by Global Partners (not applicable to Certified Affiliate)
    • If you are accepted into the Centre, you will be given a set of specific development actions personally designed for you. We highly recommend completing these items. Each is proven effective for long-term success.
  8. Mentoring, Coaching, and Training (not applicable to Certified Affiliate)
    • As a new Associate Consultant, you will be assigned a Global Partner as Mentor and/or Coach during their first year with the Centre. You will also be required to participate in our new Consultant Training, either face-to-face or by live webinar. During this program, you will meet new Associate Consultants and be given a host of resources and support to achieve success.