Certification Requirements

Certification Requirements for Prospective Associate Consultants or Certified Affiliates

In order to become a Haines Centre for Strategic Management Associate Consultant or Certified Affiliate, you must successfully complete the Gold Mastery Certification in at least one of our 3 core competencies of:

The pathway to each Gold Mastery Certification consists of 3 phases:

      1. The Learning Phase
      2. Demonstration of Mastery in the Master-Class
      3. Internship


You may apply to join the Centre already after successful completion of the Master-Class, and the Global Partners may then accept you as an Associate Consultant or Certified Affiliate on a probationary basis pending completion of the Practicum to achieve Gold Mastery Certification within 6 months of joining.


During the Gold Mastery Certification, you will have the opportunity to see what the Haines Centre for Strategic Management is all about: our people, our work, The Systems Thinking Approach® concepts, tools, applications and much more.


Additionally you will experience intensive content reinforcement, acquire extensive “how-to” knowledge, demonstrate mastery, and enhance your facilitation skills.


For Associate Consultants only, there is an expectation that you complete ALL three core Gold Mastery Certifications within 2 years of being accepted as Associate Consultant. Upon completion, you will earn the prestigious Platinum Mastery Certification in Strategic Leadership.


For additional information please contact:

North America contact Barbara Collins at barbara.collins@hainescentre.com

Asia/Pacific contact Lewe Atkinson at lewis@hainescentreaustralia.com.au