Benefits of Becoming Associate Consultant

Benefits of Becoming Associate Consultant

By becoming a Haines Centre Associate Consultant, you gain:

1. Mentoring and Coaching

The Haines Centre’s Global Partners each have over 20 years of experience to share. New Associate Consultants will be assigned a personal coach and mentor. Attend our specialized training program.


2. Camaraderie, Learning, and Teamwork 

Join our leading-edge, global team of master consultants and trainers who are committed to The Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic Management (planning and implementation, people and leadership, innovation and cultural change) AS THE BETTER way to achieving success, now and for the long term.

 3. Better and Higher Level Quality Projects

Work with senior management in all sectors of industry, government, and not-for-profits.


4. Respect, Prestige, and Visibility in the Field

Attain this from becoming a member of the global brand of the Haines Centre. One of the many advantages that we offer new Associate Consultants & Certified Affiliates is the opportunity to trade under a well-known trademark. It represents the IP of business you are joining and in our case highlights our point of difference in a crowded market.


5. Use of The Systems Thinking Approach® 

Use of The Systems Thinking Approach® includes research-based concepts, proven best practices, and materials to help your clients achieve business excellence and superior results. The Systems Thinking Approach® is our foundation and core technology as the top Universal Thinking Framework and Guide™ that currently exists today.

6. Increased Financial Returns

Generate higher fees, better work, more work, and wealth that are associated with the respect and recognition as a member of our larger global consulting alliance and brand.


7. Shared Leadership and Involvement

Our unique shared leadership system enables the Haines Centre to grow and increase its value.


8. Support for Developing Your Own Plans

  • Your Strategic Business Plan
  • Your Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Your Strategic Life Plan


9. International Work 

This includes unique travel destinations and relationships (as desired). Also attend the Haines Centre annual meetings which are held throughout the world.


10. A Publishing Outlet

Systems Thinking Press® has delivered customer value in over 68 countries. Choose from over 500 products to support for your Systems Thinking ideas, applications, and practice. Also, consider contributing to our intellectual property and products—books, articles, instruments, models, template/tools, etc.


11. The Training Modules Toolbox

This Toolbox is based on The Systems Thinking Approach®. It includes holistic and integrated articles, models, and assessment instruments (or templates) for all nine topics of Strategic Management. Easily integrate the Modules into an existing training program, utilize each as a stand-alone workshop, or to design a comprehensive learning system. The complete Toolbox consists of dozens of Systems Thinking applications. This is the only place in the world to get comprehensive Systems Thinking tools for Strategic Management.


12. Receive Commissions

  • On active selling of public event or webinar participant attendance.
  • On referrals to members or on brings them into your projects.