Associate Consultant vs Certified Affiliate

Associate Consultant vs Certified Affiliate

There are a few levels of membership in the Haines Centre. They include:

  • Equity Partners (the owners, who are all Global Partners as well)
  • Global Partners (strictly by invitation only, after a significant period of track record with, and active contribution to, the Centre.  Not all Global Partners are Equity Partners.)
  • Associate Consultants
  • Certified Affiliates

Everyone who joins the Centre starts out as either as an Associate Consultant or as a Certified Affiliate.  Both Associate Consultants and Certified Affiliates go through the same steps to join, however, their roles are fundamentally different.


Associate Consultants

Associate Consultants are members in the Haines Centre. 
They have full membership and privileges. Associate Consultants are committed to a long-term professional and personal relationship with us and the Centre is just as dedicated to them.

Associate Consultants are selected on their potential to become Global Partners in the future. Global Partners are the major decision-makers and leaders within the Haines Centre. Associate Consultants primarily provide consulting, training and coaching services using the Centre’s proprietary Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Management; they identify themselves primarily as consultants from the Centre, and use the Haines Centre brand as their primary brand either on its own or alongside their own brand (as desired).

Associate Consultants who demonstrate mastery, good work ethic, excellent track record with clients and leadership within the Centre, will be invited to get on the Global Partner track and eventually become a Global Partner.


When you join us, what you are really acquiring is the legal use of the business trademark for your practice. This allows you to market and sell the STP products and services to your clients, as part of your practice of consulting, facilitating, coaching and training.


You also acquire the right to use other related IP, such as logos, web-based promotional material, business systems, marketing systems, articles, models, instruments, books, webinars, various confidential strategies for workshop processes and templates, and access to a worldwide network of master level consultants, facilitators, coaches and trainers.


HCSM LLC grants Associate Consultants & Certified Affiliates rights to use a trademark under license for an agreed annual fee based on either a percentage of your gross income or a fixed annual fee.


To get started on exploring this opportunity, please Contact Us


Certified Affiliates

Certified Affiliates are a part of the Haines Centre’s network. 

Certified Affiliates are certified to train using our intellectual property and materials and do so usually as one among several other services they offer.

Certified Affiliates use their own separate primary brand.

We’ve developed a new type of Certified Affiliate status that is no cost to you and “no strings attached” – no meetings, no reporting required, etc.

Benefits to you:

  • We list you on our HCSM web site as a Certified Affiliate
  • You may use our logo on your web site or materials with the “Certified Affiliate” title
  • We keep you informed of courses and webinars we’re offering and give you a percentage of the person’s registration fee as a referral fee
  • We offer you a discount on any STP materials you decide to purchase–no minimum purchase required.
  • We invite you to join us at annual User Conferences to refresh and build your competencies and your business.

What questions do you have? Are you interested in joining us as a Certified Affiliate?

If YES, please Contact Us. If NO, what feedback do you have on this idea?


License agreement for use of Haines Centre for Strategic Management LLC and Systems Thinking Press® intellectual prperty by Certified Affiliates of The Haines Centre for Strategic Management

This means that you can:

  • Make unlimited copies of materials with the purchase of an Unlimited Reproduction Agreement (URA) for use in your practice for one year
  • Purchase materials at a discount if you do not purchase a URA
  • Use material in your practice with your clients
  • Use the HCSM &/or STP trademarks and logos on your website and use our materials with “Certified Affiliate of the Haines Centre” title
  • Receive commissions on active selling of public event or webinar participant attendance.
  • Receive commissions on referrals of work to members or on brings them into your projects.

To get started on exploring this opportunity, please Contact Us. We are rapidly expanding and have openings around the world.