Strategic Planning by
Strategic Planning With Your Staff

It can be a lot of fun in planning a successful strategy for your business. And you can make it even more fun not to mention more effective by involving your employees.


Each year, CEOs and managers conduct their strategic planning for the next year. Along the way, they will tweak the strategy to make sure it is on track! One essential way to ensure an effective strategic plan leading to increase in company profits is to get your employees together in one meeting area and have a brainstorming session.


Did you know that this can bring out the best in your employees and make them feel that their opinions and inputs count? In fact, you would be surprised how much this one process can increase your employee retention rate.


Not only that, but including your employees in the strategic planning process will bring out the best in them. You will be able to identify skills that you didn’t know some of them had before. Wouldn’t it be nice to know which of your employees are truly strategic in their outlook, and should be mentored for higher positions because of their ability to think under pressure?


These freestyle brainstorming meetings benefit both the employee and the company. It is the best of both worlds. Employees will get the chance to come up with new ideas and provide unfiltered feedback to their team leaders. They will also be able to make suggestions, give recommendations and voice observations.


This fun activity will be something employees look forward to each year. It is a productive way for team leaders to interact with their staff. Employees are the ones who interact directly with the customers so they are the ones who will know customers more intimately. Therefore, *picking their brains* will really be beneficial in the strategic planning process. They will be able to provide details of what customers are buying, what they need and what can be done to increase profits.