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Strategic Planning Model for Large and Small Businesses

There are a variety of different strategic planning models associated with different businesses. Many of them will share some similarity, but no two companies operate using the same strategic position. Most strategic viewpoints include history of your business finance, details of consumer satisfaction, and your business experience. These are essentially the core elements of large and small companies. Knowing what these models entail will help in business expansion. While these can adapt to most organization’s interests, it will probably need some kind of specifics in order to appropriately achieve more market share.


A simple strategic planning model for businesses that are smaller should start by honing in on a mission statement, a specific goal and a perspective. In other words, you have to know why you are doing business, what you will provide to your customers and whether your business can have a range of functions while still maintaining efficiency and productivity. Of course, answers to these basic questions will change as you progress through your business life cycle. In fact, things can change constantly, yet still remain central to your strategic planning model.


So in every strategic plan, you should first define its very specific purpose; whether it is focused on increased revenue, employee production, market share, customer satisfaction, etc., or a combination of some of these. With the specific purpose of the strategic plan in mind, companies should thought to the smallest details that will impact the goal and that will have to be taken care of. You should approach the goal with the budget in mind and how long it will take you to reach this goal. You should also find out how many employees it will take to meet your goals. This helps in the hiring process.


Your model will determine whether you work with various scenarios or with one goal-oriented focus. You have to choose a strategic planning model that is right for your business. This could be the difference for an effective strategic plan and its successful implementation.