Systems Thinking by
Approaching Business with Systems Thinking


Businesses promote and sell products and services, which includes solutions to a problem or benefit of a product. In a lot of businesses, expertise is an key capability that leads to the ability to provide optimum service. That is why some companies create functional teams within their corporate structure to ensure that expert service is provided.


The team of workers should be strategically placed so that their expertise can be appropriately utilized. Another reason is to make each employee accountable and responsible for their specific role. So it is obvious that managers must create a culture that will allow each team to fulfill its role within their system, which would be a part of the overall system; therefore fostering collaboration and team work.


Why You Should Embrace Systems Thinking


When a business uses a systems thinking approach to doing business, it makes the system more efficient and cost-effective. It provides adequate feedback for product and service improvements. It can also have a positive effect on employee morale.


Systems thinking combined with human interaction with customers is exemplary of a wide range of things working efficiently for the same goal. In fact, without understanding the system in which they work and that system’s goals, employees will not be able to identify their role in contributing to the system’s success.  In other words, they will have no direction and confusion can set in. When everyone knows exactly what the goals are and what they need to do, then tings get done easier, with greater collaboration and synergy, and with less confusion or uncertainty.


Working together for a common goal is pretty much what systems thinking is about. One could reference this with how the body works – the muscles, organs and nervous system all function together with the same goal in mind – to keep you alive. Equating this reference with an organization, and viewing it as a system makes it easier to understand and manage.